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Why Trust In Our Professional Software Development In Farnham - 26th November 2018

Software is essential to running your computers and business. It works in the background and the foreground to offer you the features that you need to be productive. On the whole, most software can be used universally to help in a number of scenarios which occur across multiple sectors. However, when there is a requirement for a bespoke piece of software it is vital that you choose a team with experience in the application and development of software programmes.

Our team at Net Technical Solutions have become adept at creating and honing the right software for various projects, companies and sectors through our passion for finding the best solutions. Our software development in Farnham is trusted by companies and businesses who are searching for a product that can improve a company’s efficiency and enhance its organisation.

How does our software development team in Farnham function to help your company?

The first stage is figuring out the areas for improvement in your current setup. Whether you come to us with a development opportunity or you are looking for a solution to a certain scenario, we will work closely with you to plan, create and develop the ideal piece of software. Once installed, you can use the software across your company and watch as the improvements in your processes and productivity begin to take shape.

If you would like to find out why we are trusted as a software development team in Farnham, please speak with us today.


Trust In Our Carefully Designed IT Outsourcing In Surrey - 19th November 2018

As a popular method of completing work and finalising projects around the world, more and more businesses are placing their trust in outsourcing. It allows you to get all the benefits of an experienced employer on your premises without needing to train or hire a member of staff for that area. If you are searching for IT outsourcing services in Surrey and want to discover a company dedicated to providing them, choose Net Technical Solutions.

The development of IT across the UK and the world has placed more pressure on companies to remain updated with their technology and ensure that their IT systems are fixed and repaired. We can upgrade, install and recommend the best IT solutions for you, so that as a modern business you will have an abundance of opportunities to improve the effectiveness and performance of the IT you use on a daily basis.

How does our IT outsourcing work in Surrey?

Our services are moulded around your specific needs to ensure that every hour of our IT outsourcing is placed in the right areas. Whether you have a one-off requirement for server advice or you would like to outsource a regular maintenance service with us, we have the capabilities and experience to help your business.

We use our expertise in IT for businesses across Surrey to ensure the smooth running of IT systems and servers. Whatever your specific needs, please discuss them with our professional team today.


IT Support For Surrey Universities - 12th November 2018

For every student and visitor that you have to your university’s library, computer room or study area, you will be expected to offer a range of services. Besides food and drinks to boost productivity, ensuring that your university area is friendly to each user’s needs is of paramount importance. Wi-Fi, computer systems, software and much more all combine to make your university’s communal spaces attractive and welcoming.

If your university building is not reaching its potential or you want to upgrade the experience that you provide, we have the capabilities to help you at Net Technical Solutions. We offer IT support for Surrey universities and colleges to help the development of your computer areas, and in turn improve the productivity of your premises.

What services can your university or college gain from Net Technical Solutions?

IT support from our team aims to help you maximise your potential and get the most out of your current IT Networks. There could be opportunities to upgrade each operating system in your library or to add anti-virus protection across your whole university, but that is only possible once you discuss the various options with our experts. 

From regular maintenance and servicing for your IT systems through to installations and emergency support, choose Net Technical Solutions. To find out more about our services, please speak with one of members of staff today.


Trust In Our Business IT Support In Hampshire - 29th October 2018

Reliance on a wide range of IT technology is part and parcel of almost every business in the 21st Century. Emails, planning, organising, payroll systems, software, telephone systems and much more are used every single day. Even when your staff have gone home for the day, your business will remain online and have the potential to help customers.

This is why it is vitally important that you have a business IT Support service ready to help you in Hampshire, such as our team at Net Technical Solutions.

We understand that you need a business that runs smoothly each and every day – and we are here to help businesses to achieve that. We use our experience and expertise to improve your IT and reduce the risks and will be on the end of the phone to help you with any questions that may arise.

Why choose our business IT support in Hampshire?

As a team dedicated to getting the best out of your IT systems and servers potential, we will create a plan of action for your specific business. This bespoke contract and plan will outline exactly how our team can help and the influence that our expertise can have on productivity within your workplace.

We work with a number of businesses across Hampshire with the express intention of helping them to improve, upgrade and maintain safe and secure IT systems.

Our friendly team at Net Technical Solutions are waiting to discuss your options. Please speak to a member of our team today.


Choosing Who To Call When Your Business Requires IT Support In Surrey - 22nd October 2018

An account manager has the duty to respond to the difficulties, queries and concerns that clients have each day. When it comes to IT, the enquiries can range from over the phone quotes through to the need for immediate on-site assistance - this is where our team at Net Technical Solutions thrive.

Our job is to find you an account manager who will provide your workplace with an array of IT support services in Surrey. A vital aspect for your company to prosper is an efficient working office every day of the week and so if you neglect your IT systems it can be damaging to your productivity, the ability to respond to your customer’s needs and your bottom line.

Here are three areas of our IT support in Surrey to help your business:

  • Over-the-phone assistance:Once you have noticed a problem, you can ring our team of experts to give you advice. Whether it’s a quick fix or it needs to be referred to another member of staff, we can help you.
  • Professional 24/7 help:The most important aspect of our services is that we can be there to fix the problem. Our IT support in Surrey works best to visit your premises and offer you the assistance that you require.
  • Remote support:Tracking and remotely watching over your servers, we can identify problems before you begin to notice them.

To receive a consultation about how our IT support in Surrey can help you, please talk to our helpful team today.


Three Ways We Can Help You With Our IT Support In Hampshire - 15th October 2018 

When something goes wrong with your IT, it often creates panic amongst staff and across the business. Whether it’s an email fault, lost data or incorrectly deleted work, you will need to find someone quickly to offer you IT support and advice. Each IT specialist on our team at Net Technical Solutions can provide you with a professional support, working remotely with you, giving you someone that you can trust to be there for your company when something goes wrong.

We have worked across the area for many years providing IT support in Hampshire for companies and start-ups of various sizes. The one thing that stays constant regardless of who we work with is our commitment to providing a range of solutions to improve your IT systems.

How will our team at Net Technical Solutions help with IT support?

  1. Identify the problem:Visiting your premises or speaking over the phone, you will have the services of our friendly staff. They will find out the issues that you are facing before progressing to the next step.
  2. Discuss your options:Whether it requires decisive action or for our team to recommend a solution over the phone, your problem will be discussed and then fixed.
  3. Ongoing support:For all your IT support needs in Hampshire in the future, you will know exactly who to call upon after you have used our helpful services.

To find out more about our IT support services in Hampshire, please speak with us.


Get Prepared For Exam Season With Our IT Support For Surrey Universities - 1st October 2018

Working in a university can become difficult around exam times as deadlines begin to approach and emotions rise. As the students are currently starting out in their yearly adventure into the unknown, they will be looking to use your university’s resources more and more in the run up towards their exams. This will place pressure on your IT systems to keep performing to the highest standards and to maintain a safe environment to study in.

Net Technical Solutions offer the ideal IT support network for Surrey universities and colleges that want to upgrade, repair or solve problems that their IT systems might be facing. From slow networks, when many people are trying to access your servers, to the functionality of software across your college or university, we have the expertise to offer you the right support in Surrey that you require.

What does our IT support for universities and colleges in Surrey entail?

Our main aid for IT systems and networks is in creating a bespoke contract between both parties that will ensure that you have a complete protection from any problems that may occur. We are available for emergency callouts, onsite visits and remote IT support over the phone, as well as advice on improving or extending your network. Additionally, you will have an account manager to help you to get the best out of our expertise.

To discover more about our professional and friendly team at Net Technical Solutions, please contact us today.


Three Reasons To Select Our IT Support In Farnham - 24th September 2018

Central to our objectives across Surrey and Hampshire is tailoring our IT expertise to solve the problems that have been developed, foreseen or recognised in companies. At Net Technical Solutions our IT support in Farnham is chosen by many employers and IT departments who trust in our highly-trained team to solve a plethora of issues.

IT support from our team in Farnham will give you the chance to salvage, protect and improve the way that your whole IT systems operate. Our experience in this sector allows us to provide a complete diagnostic element to uncover the problems, find out where they stem from and explain how we can help.

Three strings to our bow for companies in Farnham:

  • On-site support:Software installation and server diagnostics are impractical to do over the phone. We work tirelessly across Farnham to offer our on-site experts for your premises.
  • 24/7 network monitoring:Companies are now online 24/7 so it is only practical that our team of professional IT experts can provide you with network monitoring 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 
  • Dedicated account manager:To guide your case from the beginning until you no longer need our help, you will be assigned an account manager. They will handle your requirements to ensure our IT support is tailored to each of your needs.

Choose our IT support in Farnham to ensure security and create the ideal platform for your business to develop. Get in contact to discuss your options.


Trust In Our Team Of IT Contractors In Surrey - 17th September 2018

The security of your school, business, college, university or organisation will rest on a few important pillars. One of those supporting beams is how you achieve safe IT networks and how you manage them. Our IT contractors in Surrey are chosen to support the daily running of your IT setup, to be on call when you find a problem or to remain onsite to cover your regular IT expert.

Net Technical Solutions, your local source of IT expertise in Surrey, is able to provide you with the support that you need for the long or short term. We combine our experience in helping companies and organisations to fix and repair their whole IT setup with our ability to provide solutions that suits your requirements.

Why choose our IT contractors in Surrey?

You can be assured that our team of IT contractors are ready to support and help you with anything you need. From the setup of a completely new range of IT equipment or the installation of software to regular maintenance of your servers, we are able to support your organisation completely.

Fully-trained contractors such as ours at Net Technical Solutions are certain to give you the best possible range of options when it comes to upgrading, reviving and restoring your IT setup.

Speak with our team today to discover how they can help you.


Professional And Bespoke IT Services In Hampshire - 3rd September 2018

A company that aims to be the best in their field – whether that be in the local area or for a niche sector – will have to use IT to reach their targets and aspirations. A website, social media, databases, client spreadsheets, software and much more all combine to align the different departments that make up your entire business. This reliance on IT, however, can become a risk if you are yet to invest in a backup, contingency or in its continued development.

At Net Technical Solutions we have become a professional team chosen for the abundance of IT services we can provide in Hampshire. Straddling the Surrey and Hampshire border in Farnham, our experienced team are a pivotal outlet for companies large and small across the area with concerns about their IT services.

What IT services in Hampshire can Net Technical Solutions help my company with?

Focusing on the efficiency and potential of your business, it is vitally important that you have a range of IT services on hand to support and improve each process. Our IT services in Hampshire span everything from Cloud solutions and IT security to connectivity and backup options.

It is the focus of our professional IT staff to find and administer IT services that will help your business develop in line with your targets.

To discover more about our IT services in Hampshire, get in contact with our team at Net Technical Solutions.


Software Development In Hampshire For A Proactive Business - 27th August 2018

The backend of your business will never be seen by anyone but your staff. This makes the whole area a maze of complex systems and cogs working in one direction, but it can also become too time-consuming or waste space on your computer systems. Whatever problems that you have identified, our team at Net Technical Solutions can offer you software development in Hampshire to build apps that solve and streamline your processes.

Our services will aim to offer your staff and your business the best bespoke platforms to develop for the future. Whether you have multiple spreadsheets that need to be transformed into palpable databases, need mobile applications that can be used to improve HR and client relationships or you need to co-ordinate a number of systems into one workable system, we can help.

Software development in Hampshire from our professional team

We have worked on a number of projects for businesses that span a wide range of sectors and industries. Our job in each of these scenarios is to come up with bespoke software which can fit seamlessly into your current setup with minimal disruption.

Whether you have highlighted issues which you feel can be solved by software from us or you would like to explore these avenues, our expertise will put you in the right direction.

To find out more about our software development in Hampshire, please contact our team today.


Discover Our Business IT Support In Hampshire - 20th August 2018

Growth in your business sector cannot be guaranteed. It takes hard work, dedication and exceptional pro-activeness to ensure that your business is in the perfect position to develop. One vital aspect of any business in this climate is your IT equipment. From servers and email hosting to the computers and the phone lines you use, its importance cannot be understated.

At Net Technical Solutions we are on hand to offer you business IT support in Hampshire that will give you the best chance of upgrading, securing and bettering the quality of your IT systems. There are plenty of reasons why our team are chosen for business IT support in Hampshire, but below are some of the situations you can call upon for our expertise:

  • Upgrade your workstations:For the most part of the day, your team will be working on laptops and computers to complete their tasks. You can make sure each individual has a competent computer that can be called upon to perform their responsibilities by choosing us.
  • Install a new server:It is recommended that your server is replaced once every three or four years. To ensure you have a server that can accommodate to the amount of data and information you send, we can help source and fit the right one for your business.
  • Emergency support:Our team are always on call to help you. If you become concerned about a certain aspect of your business, we will be there over the phone for you.

To discover more and unearth the potential of your business in Hampshire, please speak to our team today.


Trust In Our IT Support For Hampshire Colleges - 6th August 2018

Exam results season is a tense time for every student, teacher and all the schools and colleges across the UK. Whilst we know that the actual results aren’t so important in the long term, they’re an important short-term measure of the school as well as the pupils’ abilities.

At Net Technical Solutions we understand that being caught out by faulty IT equipment or poor server connections can be detrimental to your setup, and therefore your pupils’ education and results. Therefore, our experts are on hand to perform both regular and one-off IT support for Hampshire colleges to ensure that your systems are working to the best of their ability throughout the year. No matter the issues and problems your servers and IT products might experience, our team are ready to provide you with all the help that you require. 

IT support that will find a solution and not confuse matters

When you choose to work alongside Net Technical Solutions we will create a plan that supports the future of your organisation. Our professional and experienced IT engineers are able to perform everything from maintenance, refurbishments and upgrades to server installations and much more for your school or college. Our IT support for Hampshire’s colleges and schools will ensure that your establishment is always at the height of the latest technology while helping to keep your pupils safe and secure every day.

Discover more about our team at Net Technical Solutions and improve the quality of your college’s IT systems by contacting us today.


How You Can Benefit From Our IT Outsourcing In Surrey - 23rd July 2018 

When things go awry on your premises, you will want a contingency plan that you can trust. For any IT problems that your organisation or school come across, it pays to choose a team who have an abundance of experience in the sector and can be outsourced to help get your servers, systems and more back in order.

Our IT outsourcing in Surrey is trusted by a number of establishments and businesses across the home counties who receive our expertise whenever it is required. At Net Technical Solutions you can choose to devolve the responsibility of some or all of your IT requirements to our team of engineers.

Deciding which services your company or school needs to devolve

Costs and budgets can easily take a huge chunk of time away from each day. With growing budget constraints, you may feel that an IT outsourcing service like ours in Surrey can provide the balance between cost-effectiveness and quality that you need. One of our professional IT engineers at Net Technical Solutions can be chosen for specific roles – such as network monitoring, IT installation and server upgrades - as well as for scheduled on-site visits to your premises.

By choosing Net Technical Solutions, you can start to discuss the vast array of options open to you when you devolve your IT to the professionals. Get in touch to speak about your needs today.

Put Your Trust In Our IT Contractors In Farnham - 2nd July 2018

The setup, installation and configuration of IT equipment in your business will not always be as simple as it is made out in the manual. There is bound to be a lot of assumed knowledge when it comes to upgrading your computer systems, telephone lines or internet router. At Net Technical Solutions we’ll be able to give you the support you need from our team of IT contractors in Farnham.

What services can we offer to your business?

We are adept at moulding our services to the needs of our customers. Whether your business consists of five different servers or over a hundred users and spans across many locations, we have our IT contractors in Farnham ready to help you out.

The services that we can offer across Farnham for your business are varied and unique to each customer. We’ve worked with businesses from industries such as: finance, legal, marketing, leisure, manufacturing, education and many more. In each case we were able to provide every customer with the right solutions and answers to their queries.

What makes our IT contractors in Farnham stand out?

We think that choosing to work with our team at Net Technical Solutions will be a positive experience for your business. Not only are we professional and experienced but we are able to help your business to achieve the results that you want through our outstanding IT expertise.

Get in contact with our team at Net Technical Solutions to find out more.


IT Services In Hampshire To Improve Your Company’s Agility - 9th July 2018

Your business relies upon IT for everything from payroll, staff training, emails, marketing, social media, phone calls and the use of computers. It will, therefore, also be relying on the performance of each of these individual parts to ensure a professional working environment for your staff. At Net Technical Solutions our team are on hand to provide you with the IT support your business requires throughout the year. 

Choose our professional IT services in Hampshire to discover how we can help you to improve and enhance the experience you offer to both your customers and your staff. With Net Technical Solutions you will be given the chance to develop the effectiveness of your whole company. Here are three of our IT services for you in Hampshire:

  • Cloud Solutions: Everyone has heard of it, most of us use it and every company is revelling in the benefits of it. The Cloud can help your business by offering more storage, a better back-up system and also help to host your emails.
  • VOIP telephony: The simplistic introduction of our VOIP telephony systems will kick-start the effectiveness of your staff in the office or on the move. Reachable anywhere with an internet connection and ready to be turned into a unique solution, VOIP telephony could revolutionise your business.
  • Connectivity: The internet is a vital cog in your business. Without the power and reliability that the right ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers, your company will not work at its optimum level.

If you would like to discover more about our IT services in Hampshire, speak to us today.


IT Support For Surrey Universities - 25th June 2018

Schools, colleges and universities have an increasing dependency on their IT systems to provide the support their pupils need every step of the way. From mock exams and research tasks through to Wi-Fi access and online safety, it is vital that educational establishments have professional and reliable IT networks.

Our IT support for Surrey universities, colleges and schools at Net Technical Solutions has become an important and dependable feature for educational organisations to rely upon. Our goal is to ensure that your facility has the safest, securest and most effective IT systems and equipment to use each day.

To ensure our IT experts can offer you everything that you need, we will create a plan and strategy adjusted to match your organisation’s requirements. It may be that your establishment needs a complete network rejuvenation; your university needs to invest in an onsite engineer for immediate IT support or maybe your college could benefit from installing a completely new server? Whatever your situation, choosing Net Technical Solutions will provide you with the answers.

Discuss your options with our account team at Net Technical Solutions to find out how our IT support for Surrey universities, colleges and schools can be moulded to your precise needs.

To discover the depth of our IT support services in Surrey, please contact us today.


IT Support For Schools In Surrey - 11th June 2018

As your school breaks up for summer, your focus will most likely turn to creating a safe, secure and fully-functioning setup for all your pupils during the next year. Whether you have faced problems in the past or want to upgrade your IT setup, server or systems, you will need to choose a professional team that can diagnose and create the ideal plan for your school.

Our bespoke IT support for schools in Surrey is designed to give you the best solution for upgrading, fixing and developing your school’s setup. Through years of experience at Net Technical Solutions our exceptional team have become a leading service for schools looking to make the most of the summer holiday months.

Creating the perfect set of upgrades and offering the best advice for your school

If your school has funds available for a new addition to your team, you may be interested in an on-site engineer? One of our highly-trained operatives could be on hand to maintain, fix and resolve any issues that your servers might have, whilst helping to create a completely safe IT experience for each pupil.

We’re passionate about the difference that our IT support for schools in Surrey can offer to your establishment. No matter what challenges you might come up against, Net Technical Solutions will support you all the way.

Please contact our team to discover more.


Call Upon Our Professional IT Network Support In Hampshire - 4th June 2018

A question, a query, a worry or a concern. You’re not expected to know everything about your company’s IT systems inside and out. There are some things best left to the experts who will be able to take on board your concerns and find a solution quickly and efficiently that eases your worries.

Choose Net Technical Solutions for our professional IT network support in Hampshire to help guide your company through any IT issues, queries or support needs. We work with small and large companies in Hampshire and Surrey who require our expertise and helpful service for emergencies as well as for their regular IT maintenance. 

Professional IT network support in Hampshire tailored to your company’s needs

The variety of services and solutions we have at our disposal has made us an asset for a number of companies across Hampshire. Make the call to our team at Net Technical Solutions to speak to an experienced technical expert who can offer you a bespoke solution. Whether your company would benefit a regular network support service, or you require one-off maintenance for your IT systems, Net Technical Solutions has the answers you need.

Our service is chosen by businesses across Hampshire to provide the perfect solutions for their IT networks, systems and software. To discover how our service can be moulded to your needs, please contact our helpful team today.


Trust In Our Professional Business IT Support In Surrey - 28th May 2018

Progression and development are the two main ingredients for your company to become successful. However, to achieve them both and to brighten the future of your business you’ll need to be place your faith in a professional and hard-working set of IT systems.

Through our proactive and friendly service, our business IT support in Surrey has become an important asset for a number of companies in the area. We have a tight-knit team of engineers who work tirelessly onsite and remotely, over the phone, to solve and diagnose problems for our customers.

Here are three ways we believe that our team at Net Technical Solutions can help your business:

  • Dedicated account manager:Our business IT support in Surrey will offer you the most comprehensive help. After you’ve met your account manager, you can begin the journey towards an optimised IT set-up.
  • Ultimate case management:When our team receive a request for a job, we use a professional management system to track the progress and hit our targets. This ensures we’re on task every day.
  • Help when you need it:We have a team of technical experts who will listen to the problem you’re facing and offer professional advice to help solve it.

If you’d like to discover more about our business IT support in Surrey, please get in contact with our team today.


IT Support For Universities In Surrey - 14th May 2018

Upgrading your university to the next level will require an abundance of support, especially where technology is concerned. Like all educational establishments, a university is dependent on its network of computers, internet and servers to offer a professional and trusted service to lecturers, visitors and most importantly, students.

If you’re looking for a team who can support, advise and find you the right solutions for your IT systems, choose Net Technical Solutions. Our IT support for schools, colleges and universities in Surrey has become an important service for those establishments looking to upgrade or maintain their IT setup. Find out how we can help your university improve with these three features:

  1. Apply the business model to your school: An increasing number of schools are being forced into business-like changes. Our service at Net Technical Solutions will to blend our expertise from the commercial sector to your educational establishment’s needs.

  2. Flexible and malleable support: Our IT support for universities in Surrey can be moulded around your specific requirements. Do you only need us for emergency callouts? Are we required to provide an on-site engineer? We can help you out.

  3. Conduct an IT review: You may be wondering how our IT support for universities in Surrey can be of use to you. Before you get started, our team at Net Technical Solutions can conduct a full and frank review of your IT setup.

If you’re wondering how we can help your university establishment, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team.



Experienced IT Support For Hampshire Universities - 7th May 2018

Universities are intense arenas of education that are vitally important to the further education journey for individuals growing up around the world. To make sure that these institutions continue to break boundaries, provide the educational support needed and make the most of every opportunity, they must have an IT support team behind them.

Our team of experts at Net Technical Solutions offer professional IT support for Hampshire and Surrey universities that will guide them towards an improvement, upgrade or a monitoring service which could make all the difference. Once you’ve spoken to our helpful team, they will be able to diagnose your university’s requirements and create a bespoke package that fully supports you.

Improving the IT systems your Hampshire-based university relies on

When a student is approaching their finals, they will want to be given every chance to make the most of their tuition fees. There’s nothing worse than having to turn them away because your servers are down, you do not have enough computers, or your internet is failing. To help battle these problems – which can happen at any time – our services offer IT support for Hampshire universities whenever you need it.

Whether you are looking for monitoring services that protects your systems or you require a technician at short notice, choose Net Technical Solutions.

Get in contact with us to discover more about our work.


What Does Our School IT Support In Hampshire Involve? - 30th April 2018

Part of any child’s education nowadays whilst at school and college involves the use of IT. Exams take place on computers, browsing the internet for information is a vital research skill and homework via pupil portals or internal emails ensure that communication is effective throughout the day. There are many benefits of IT in education, but it can be hard to keep pace with new developments and ensure the school’s systems are set up and running correctly at all times. 

At Net Technical Solutions we’re passionate about the difference that our work can make in the educational sector. We have experienced staff used to working with schools and colleges and are on hand to provide your establishment with school IT support across Hampshire and offer you the right services, suited and tailored to your needs.

What does our school IT support in Hampshire involve?

Our bespoke school IT services are waiting to be tuned to your establishments needs. We can work with schools to provide emergency support and cover or our team of engineers can provide full IT support, helping to install, monitor and perform regular maintenance checks. 

Perhaps you want to upgrade your whole IT system but aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you’re wondering what can be done to keep your pupils safe on the internet? Or, you would like some advice on the future of your current systems.

Choose Net Technical Solutions for any school IT support in Hampshire. If you’d like to find out more about our work, speak to us today.


IT Support For Schools In Surrey - 16th April 2018

Every educational institution has a duty of care towards its pupils to ensure that they are safe when using computers at school. There are many dangers that present themselves online and the ease of access from standard internet providers rarely does enough to instil safety for pupils and peace of mind for parents and teachers. By working with Net Technical Solutions you will receive the most appropriate IT support for your school in Surrey.

On top of the safety element to your school’s IT systems, software and servers will be the need for a professional setup to provide a solid foundation for your school. Nowadays, every student’s learning experience includes the use of the internet and computer programmes. Therefore, it’s imperative that you maintain a reliable system within your school offering. To ensure you’re providing a worthwhile and quality experience for all your pupils, choose Net Technical Solutions.

We offer IT support for schools across Surrey and each package is bespoke to the specific needs of each institution. We aim to create a positive difference to your educational establishment and help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your school’s IT systems.

Whether you do this through our IT support when things go wrong or you need a team to setup a completely new series of computers or you’re just looking for some professional IT advice, you can rely on Net Technical Solutions.

If you’d like to find out more about our IT support for schools in Surrey, speak to us today.


Why Your School Needs Our IT Support In Farnham - 9th April 2018

Every minute of the school day is vital in the development of each pupil and their preparation towards exams. With computers becoming more and more essential to the teaching process and management of modern schools, it’s even more important that you rely on a solid IT framework every day. There are many things to consider when investing in your IT systems, but these can all be discussed at length with our team at Net Technical Solutions.

Working alongside schools, colleges and universities we understand the complexity of the education sector, the demands placed upon it and the reliance on IT that exists. We provide school IT support in Farnham by installing new features, providing IT services such as IT security packages, and monitoring IT systems, computers and networks.

Whether you’re looking to keep your pupils safe during their time spent on the school’s network, monitor your network so that it isn’t compromised overnight or you’re wondering how you can improve your current IT systems, we can find the right solutions for you. Our IT support services are ready to be moulded and shaped around your educational establishment’s needs and budget.

From your own dedicated on-site network engineer through to having a bespoke school IT support package in Farnham bespoke to your needs, we’re certain you’ll find everything you need with Net Technical Solutions.

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Three Reasons We’re Chosen For Our IT Services In Hampshire - 2nd April 2018

A small or medium business will have plenty of reasons to transform, evolve and change each day. It could be through upgrading computer systems, by enhancing the signal of a router or the blanket inclusion of the Cloud across a company. For all of this and many more IT services, it’s vital you put your trust in an experienced team.

If you’re looking for IT services in Hampshire that will help to maintain, improve and enhance the services your business provides, choose Net Technical Solutions. Here are three reasons we’re chosen by returning and new customers:

  • Solutions simplified: We’ll listen to your concerns and worries before assembling the ideal solutions into a neat package for you to deliberate over. This will allow us to select our most appropriate IT services for you.
  • Personable IT experts: We have a dedicated team waiting to guide you through your options They’ll speak with you in person or over the phone to discover your needs to find the right solutions.
  • Flexible and capable: Our ability to carve and mould our IT services in Hampshire around the individual requirements of each small and medium business we work with keeps our whole setup extremely flexible.

If you’re wondering how our IT services in Hampshire can sharpen the focus of your business’ aims for the future, speak to us today.


Upgrade And Maintain Your Systems With Our IT Network Support In Hampshire - 19th March 2018

We are constantly connected to our phones. They link up to our WiFi or 4G and stay on while we browse apps, stream videos and read articles. For domestic use, our routers work to keep us online. However, when it comes to a company’s network, security, safety and connectivity must be strengthened so it can perform safely and professionally at all times.

If your business is struggling with the performance of its IT networks, or you’re looking for a team that can install and recommend an upgraded system, choose Net Technical Solutions. Our experienced team can provide you with a plethora of IT network support services in Hampshire that will keep your company connected and secure every day.

With our headquarters are based in the centre of Farnham, Surrey, we are perfectly positioned to be able to provide customised IT network support across Hampshire.

Our support includes network monitoring, IT installation, backup reporting as well as the application of IT security products such as anti-virus software and stems from our own bespoke network monitoring app, our vast experience working with small and medium enterprises as well as Kaseya’s industry-standard software.

You’ll notice the immediate difference that our work at Net Technical Solutions can have on the stability, reliability and strength of your servers, networks and everything connected to them.

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Discover The Breadth Of Our IT Network Support In Farnham - 12th March 2018

The components that make up your overall IT network combine to help keep your company’s servers running to the best of their ability. As a business owner you may have a handle over some aspects of your network, but it can become labour-intensive and time-consuming. That’s why it’s a great idea to pass on this responsibility to a team of network professionals.

Providing IT network support in Farnham, our team at Net Technical Solutions offers solutions and bespoke packages to small and medium companies across Surrey and Hampshire. Whether you have a specific problem that needs to be fixed or you want to delegate the monitoring of your networks to our experts, we can support you on a basis that specifically suits your needs.

Network monitoring is one of the most important aspects of any business. Your servers, routers, firewalls and switches are constantly in use and under pressure to perform. When a problem occurs or a potential risk is identified, we will help to solve it with confidence. Our IT network support in Farnham is trusted to offer professional solutions to a whole host of network improvements or concerns.

If you’d like to find out more about our IT network support work in Farnham, visit us in the town or get in contact with us today.


Trust In Our IT Support In Surrey For Your Business - 5th March 2018

Business is business. You know your sector inside out, you understand the peaks and troughs that must be navigated and you can make important decisions at a moment’s notice. However, for the best results, there are some aspects of your business that could be devolved to a professional team like ours, here at Net Technical Solutions.

Computers, laptops, servers, networks, telephony, backup, data and the Cloud. These are just some of the many IT products and services that businesses rely on every day to keep their operation running. However, IT systems take a lot of looking after to ensure that they are up-to-date and working efficiently and this is where we can help. Our proactive IT support team in Surrey can support you with your daily needs and will be on hand to solve any IT problems that occur across your business. Creating a bespoke and unique package suited to your business’ requirements, we will ensure that you will receive some of the best professional IT support in Surrey.

From our base in Farnham, we have become one of the leading IT support companies in Surrey that can offer your business a rounded and effective package for your requirements. We offer a 24-hour helpline for any problems you might encounter, a designated account manager ready to take on any requests you have, as well as unlimited remote support from our dedicated technical team.

To find out the true depth of our IT support in Surrey and how your business can benefit from our bespoke packages, get in contact with us today.


Three Of Our Finest IT Services For Your Business In Hampshire - 19th February 2018

Receiving personable help with your IT services can be the difference between trust and distrust. There’s a fine line between a company that wants to develop your systems for your benefit and those that have their own business gains at heart. Our team at Net Technical Solutions are passionate about the difference our professional IT services in Hampshire can have on your business.

There are plenty of aspects to your business’ IT services that require changing or updating regularly. To guarantee your IT services support and offer proactive help to your business, choose our team at Net Technical Solutions. Here’s how our IT services in Hampshire can give your business a boost this year:

  • Cloud solutions: Our team of experts can give you a bespoke solution to all your storage needs. We can help your business utilise the cloud to your short and long-term benefits.
  • IT security: One of the most integral services in any business is the protection against cyberattacks. We can install the protection you need against the rising tide of intelligent attacks.
  • Backup and disaster recovery: Choose our team to help find the ideal solutions to your backup and disaster recovery requirements. We’ll create a personalised backup plan that can be called upon in an instant.

Speak to our team today to find out more about IT service in Hampshire.


Three Reasons To Trust Our Professional IT Support In Hampshire - 12th February 2018

Staying in control of the IT in your workplace can be difficult. While you may have the capabilities to cope with the setup of a new application or the resetting of a router in hope it will solve everything, there are many more scenarios that might happen and with the right people in place, can be dealt with immediately. By ensuring your company is supported by a proactive team of IT experts, you can be confident that your IT networks, systems, workstations and data issues can be solved with ease.

Choose our IT support in Hampshire at Net Technical Solutions for the ultimate all-round IT advice and guidance. If you’re wondering how we can help your company to succeed, here are three reasons why by businesses across Hampshire choose us:

  1. Tailored support:We don’t believe in catch-all packages because they don’t cater to the needs of each company. We’ll work with you to create a package that befits the IT struggles you’ve been having.
  2. Complete service across your IT systems:We’re not only on hand to provide you with instant IT support but we can help you with network monitoring, server installations and the setup of workstations, laptops and computers.
  3. Local and personable:Our goal is to make our IT support in Hampshire as personable as possible. The aim of this is to offer IT experts to you that you can trust over the phone and in person.

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Delivering Professional IT Services In Surrey - 5th February 2018

The demands on businesses across the world means that businesses need to constantly develop and innovate to achieve their specific targets and goals. The development aspect can be categorised by many things, but perhaps the most important is a company’s reliance on IT.

To guarantee that your company has the potential to grow, it must have a solid IT framework.

If you need to improve your IT processes across all areas of your business and are looking for professional IT services in Surrey, then you’ll want to choose a pro-active, experienced and personable local team. Established in Farnham, Net Technical Solutions have many years of experience looking after a range of clients and can offer you a wide selection of solutions, ideal for improving your business across the board.  

Located in the heart of Farnham, Surrey, we’re ideally located to provide you with one-to-one IT services and support. We’ll give you the best chance to improve your IT systems and servers by conducting an initial review and analysis of your company’s performance. From this point, we will then be able to create a bespoke package that will be designed to streamline your IT processes and make sure that they run smoothly each day.

From Cloud solutions, computer installations and telephone integration, to backups, IT security and more, we’re best placed to help you with the ultimate IT services for your business in Surrey.

Choose our IT services in Surrey for a definitive and professional answer to your IT concerns. To find out more, please get in contact with us today.


Five Integral Features Of Our IT Support In Hampshire - 22nd January 2018

If you begin to count the number of IT systems, laptops, computers, servers and routers in your company, you’ll understand how much businesses rely upon them each day. At Net Technical Solutions our objective is to provide the most appropriate bespoke IT support in Hampshire for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Our IT support can take care of your whole company to ensure you have an integrated service you can trust. To help you decipher why our IT support in Hampshire stands out from the rest, we’ve put together a list of five integral features you’ll receive with Net Technical Solutions:

  1. Service desk at your fingertips:Don’t be left hanging by voicemails or messages, our service desk is waiting to take on your IT problems immediately.
  2. Straight talking experts:When you get through to our team you won’t be greeted with industry talk or technical analysis, we’ll get to the root of your issues and explain simply how we will solve them. 
  3. 24/7 network and server monitoring:Your company continues running throughout the night and our dedicated monitoring service will detect any discrepancies from the norm.
  4. Onsite work:Our team aren’t confined to working over the phone and will visit your premises regularly to provide you with IT support.
  5. A package to suit you:We’ll devise the ideal package for your company to ensure our IT support for Hampshire has everything you need.

If you’d like to discover more about out IT support in Hampshire, get in contact with us today.


Enjoy The Perks Of Our IT Support In Hampshire - 15th January 2018

Maintaining and tracking your IT framework can be difficult when you’re spinning several plates at the same time. For a business to truly develop in line with expectations, it’s important that it finds a way of streamlining its IT support into one single package. That’s exactly how our team at Net Technical Solutions work – we create packages that befit your company and your IT usage and are specifically for you.

As providers of IT support across Hampshire, we have developed into a leading IT support company set in the heart of Farnham, Surrey. Just a stone’s throw from the Hampshire border, we favour a personable approach to provide the ideal answers to the queries and questions related to your business. Our clients include companies that require simple monitoring of servers through to businesses that want to devolve their setup of PCs, laptops and more.

Dedicated to providing you with the most appropriate IT support in Hampshire, that is tailored precisely to meet your business needs, our experts at Net Technical Solutions are on hand to aid the improvement and streamlining of your IT systems. Choose our exceptional IT support in Hampshire to allow your business to excel in 2018.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the help and guidance we offer, speak to our team today.


Take Advantage Of Our Professional IT Support In Surrey - 8th January 2018 

The confusing world of IT can often get the better of an individual at home on their computer. When this is multiplied across tens of employees, different servers and networks, it can become near-on impossible without professional support. By choosing Net Technical Solutions we will blast through the jargon and complex IT language to provide you with comprehensive IT support in Surrey.

We provide the county with experienced IT support from our central Farnham location and our experienced team are on hand to give you the best possible advice and guidance for any problems that you might face. Our IT support package will be made bespoke to your requirements and give you assurance that we are by your side when your IT systems play up or your company’s servers become compromised. 

Our main objectives, while working with SMEs across Surrey, are to manage and maintain their IT networks, provide the support that they need and ensure that every package we create is moulded around the needs of each company. When you speak to our helpful team at Net Technical Solutions, we’ll make sure to give you the best possible IT support package in Surrey that covers your company’s most important IT aspects. 

If you’d like to discover more about our IT support in Surrey and the help it can provide your business, speak to our team today.


Three Reasons To Choose Our Business IT Support In Hampshire - 25th December 2017

To take your business to the next level, it’s imperative that you have a solid platform to stand on. This platform can either be the springboard to success or the trapdoor to failure – and as part of this platform, every business in the world relies on IT. To ensure that your business is progressing the way it should be, choose our business IT support in Hampshire.

Our team of experts at Net Technical Solutions will take on your business and challenge you to improve your IT systems, servers and more. The result will be a more streamlined and effective system for you to rely on throughout 2018. To let you discover how we can help your business with our IT support, here’s three reasons to choose us:

  • Hotline for your problems: Spotted an issue but don’t know how to fix it? When you choose one of our IT support packages, we’ll give you a special hotline to call that will put you through to one of our helpful members of staff.
  • Server and networking monitoring: To give you peace of mind 24 hours of the day, we’ll monitor and report on your servers and networks all the time.
  • Onsite servicing and installation: Choose Net Technical Solutions and you’ll be able to call upon our professional onsite services too.

Find out more about our team by getting in contact with us today.

Trust Our IT Services In Surrey To Improve The Outlook Of Your Business - 18th December 2017

The array of IT systems and servers we rely on in the modern age makes it imperative that the proper foundations are laid before problems arise and difficulties emerge. These troublesome moments will then be short-lived when you call upon the expert IT services from  Net Technical Solutions.

Our IT services in Surrey are trusted across the county by a variety of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to keep their business’ systems in check, ensure they have streamlined systems and provide seamless security for their important data. Chosen for our expert IT services in Surrey, Net Technical Solutions has everything you need to organise and advance your IT systems.

We provide a vast selection of IT services across Surrey from our head office in Farnham. This centrally-located base gives us the best location to reach out to our clients across the area. For SMEs we offer bespoke packages built around the problems they face or the areas needing improvement.  

From cloud-based solutions, telephony streamlining, backup help and anti-spam software to company-wide broadband guidance and the installation of important hardware, you can put your faith in Net Technical Solutions.

To find out more about our IT services in Surrey, speak to our team today.

How we help your company with our IT services in Hampshire - 11th December 2017

Personable, approachable and organised. Our team at Net Technical Solutions is highly trained to cope with everything that the IT world can throw at them. Whether that’s a faulty server that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible or the installation of a new set of computers, we’re certain our IT services in Hampshire can be of use to you.

We provide IT services to SME (small and medium enterprises) in Hampshire and Surrey that aid the smooth running of their business. If you’re an SME that has faced IT difficulties in the past or you’re looking for a team to streamline your IT systems, we’re the perfect team to choose. 

Established in Surrey – our offices are based in the centre of Farnham – we’re consistently chosen for one-off IT services in Hampshire for companies as well as continued support. We can help your company in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Cloud solutions: Optimum storage that will increase your flexibility with email and data management.
  • Secure your IT systems, servers and data: Our threat management and anti-virus capabilities give us the upper hand to keep your systems secure.
  • Connections:We’ll help your company with any connectivity problems by ensuring you have a reliable and strong Internet Service Provider (ISP).

To get more information about our IT services in Hampshire, speak to our helpful team.

Three Benefits Of Our Remote IT Support In Surrey - 27th November 2017

There’s no telling when a problem can occur to your IT systems. While you may have the latest IT equipment and the newest updates installed, an issue can seem unavoidable. At Net Technical Solutions, as well as offering onsite visits, we’re on the end of the phone to help you remotely with our outstanding IT support in Surrey.

When you’re faced with a situation that requires instant rectifying then our straight-talking and professional operators on our Service Desk will be able to guide you through the process. Using a combination of remote control of your computer and enquiring about the problem over the phone, we’ll be able to diagnose and repair the problem with ease.

However, our IT support in Surrey goes far and beyond just remote help. We can aid the smooth running of your IT systems with these three perks:

  • Network monitoring:Track and check changes in your network’s security and access with our 24/7 server and network monitoring.
  • Account manager for you:You’ll be given an account manager to look after your queries and devise strategies for future improvements.
  • Manage your cases expertly:Our online portal will give us both access to the latest updates and create a transparent view of the work we’re completing.

If you’d like to find out more about our remote IT support in Surrey and the reasons we’re chosen by SMEs across the county, please contact with us.


Discover More About Our IT Services Across Hampshire And Surrey - 20th November 2017

In the foreground investors, customers and potential clients will see one thing: your branding, your business and your services. The background, however, is the engine room of your whole operation and that includes your company’s IT. 

Emails, software, networks, connectivity; every company is involved in the world of IT in some way. Net Technical Solutions has an experienced team, on hand to help you make the most of your computer, network and telephoning systems and provide professional IT services across Hampshire and beyond.

As a company based on the fringes of Hampshire – in the heart of Farnham, Surrey – we’ve gained traction as a business devoted to helping SMEs develop and improve their IT systems. Behind us, running in the background, are staff that understand how to install, fix, diagnose and find solutions to your IT service problems.

We know how important IT services are to the smooth running of your business, and its future development, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you. We start by compiling an IT services package for your specific company needs that will allow us to work together to reach your goals with ease. Our full range of IT services across Hampshire is just waiting to be unlocked.

If you’d like to discuss your very own IT services package for your company, please speak to us today.


Put Your Faith In Our IT Support Across Surrey - 13th November 2017

Any business in the 21st century relies on and places faith in their networking systems, servers and a vast array of technology. The potential for development and growth in your business increases if you have good quality and reliable systems in your office or workplace.

Businesses across Surrey are utilising our IT support for all their networking issues, problems and queries. Our team of diligent and experienced technicians at Net Technical Solutions are on hand to provide all the IT support you need in Surrey.

Our company is based in Farnham and is renowned for offering quality remote assistance for networks and first-class onsite repairs. We’re called to businesses that want us to install and setup new computers or laptops, secure their networks from cyberattacks as well as provide professional server monitoring.

Choose Net Technical Solutions for any IT support services your company requires in Surrey. We design and curate bespoke IT support packages that will mould around your company’s requirements. Having worked with a wide selection of different SMEs, we understand how to maintain the efficiency of your systems so that you can focus on the development of your business.

Just a simple call to one of our experts at Net Technical Solutions will start the process towards safer and more reliable IT systems in your workplace. Speak to us today to find out about our custom-made IT support packages.


Three Benefits Of Our Professional IT Support In Farnham - 30th October 2017

Troubleshooting, monitoring and preventing risk; in any company there are IT-related problems that can’t be solved by switching the system on and off again. Our professional team at Net Technical Solutions are an important asset for IT support in Farnham and can aid the successful running of your company’s IT systems.

Located in the heart of Farnham, Surrey, we’re trusted by small and medium-sized enterprises across the county to solve and diagnose their IT issues. We create and tailor IT support packages to every business to ensure their exact requirements are taken into account.

Here are three of our most important benefits our IT support in Farnham could provide for your business:

  • Unlimited remote access: We’re able to take control of your systems remotely to diagnose the problem you’re facing and fix it as quickly as possible. This comes unlimited with our support packages.
  • Account manager for your queries: To ensure your support package is always perfectly suited to your needs, our account managers will guide you through all your issues.
  • 24/7 network and server monitoring: For the ultimate peace of mind, we’re dedicated to providing monitoring 24 hours of the day for your networks and servers.

To discover more about our IT support in Farnham and how it can suit your needs, speak to us today


Choose Our Professional IT Services In Surrey - 23rd October 2017

The IT world has become vital to almost every company regardless of their size. Email, software, connectivity. Just three ways that your company constantly uses IT to conduct business, improve and develop. However, we know that it can be hard to find a team of dedicated technicians who can cope with the demands of your specific industry.

If you’re looking for IT services in Surrey, choose Net Technical Solutions. We manage and solve a wide range of queries, questions and qualms about IT on a daily basis and our team are focused on finding the most appropriate solutions for your company. Using our experience in the industry, we can provide you with effective IT services that will help your company prosper.

We work with a variety of companies from many different sectors across Surrey to provide IT services applicable for their specific needs. Whether that’s Cloud computing to aid the ease of storage or IT security services to protect their data and lower their company’s risk, we are trusted to administer effective solutions to a wide range of needs.

During our five years in Farnham, Surrey, we have developed strong relationships with our customers and have become an important asset for any company in the county. Our IT services are on hand to guarantee you have streamlined, secure and professional systems that you can rely on to produce the results your company needs.

To discover more about our IT services in Surrey and how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Discover One Of The Most Proactive IT Support Teams In Farnham - 16th October 2017

Designed and built around your company’s requirements, we will ensure that you have servers, systems, software and email hosting that can cope with your every demand. No matter the size of your business, you can benefit from our exceptional IT support in Farnham.

Choose Net Technical Solutions for all your IT queries and questions. We have the answers and solutions to streamline your IT systems, monitor and protect your data and help you to discover the most suitable IT strategies.

Based in the heart of Farnham, we are able to provide supportive, professional and friendly IT support for all our clients and our quick response time ensures that any problems or issues that arise can be dealt with promptly by our helpful staff who will guide them through.

We work with teams that require the installation of completely new servers, need us to devise and monitor firewalls and routers as well as provide 24/7 help and advice. Our overarching IT support in Farnham can guide you through any tricky IT situation you’ve found yourself in. As specialists in offering and administering IT support and services across Surrey, you can put your faith in us finding the ideal solutions.

Choose Net Technical Solutions for a competent and professional service from beginning to end. Get in contact with us to find out more


Unearth Our Business IT Services Near Hampshire - 2nd October 2017

Information comes at us thick and fast. Whether we’re browsing Facebook or downloading documents over our work emails, data is constantly being fired out one way and the other.

The continuing development of the IT world has therefore made our business IT services near Hampshire vitally important to many companies.

At Net Technical Solutions we’re passionate about ability to provide the best business IT services to our clients to improve their security, data management, telephony, backup and connectivity.

Here’s how five pillars of our IT services can help your business:

  • IT security: Make sure your servers and systems have the highest level of security with our evolving security systems at Net Technical Solutions.
  • Connectivity: Don’t leave your internet in the dark ages. Ensure it’s fast and secure by calling upon our help.
  • Cloud Solutions: Accelerate the use of the Cloud in your workplace with our exceptional email, data, backup and hosting solutions.
  • Telephony: Taking hundreds of calls per day doesn’t have to be the norm. Our telephony options will ensure you streamline your business’ IT services immediately.
  • Backup and disaster recovery: Prepare for the worst with our exceptional data recovery in a variety of different guises.

To discover how each of these can specifically impact on the overall quality of your business’ IT systems, speak to our helpful team today.


Why Use Our Expert IT Support Services In Hampshire - 25th September 2017

We all run into problems to do with technology; it’s just the world we live in. Whether your servers are magically switching on and off throughout the day or you feel as though you’re suffering from software related issues, our team at Net Technical Solutions can help.

Our professional IT support services in Hampshire will give you the best opportunity to hone your IT systems and ensure that everything is working as it should be. From software, servers, IT hotlines and on-site technicians to network monitoring and servicing, you can be certain our range of support services will be of use to your company.

We create and adapt our IT support packages to befit the nature and needs of your business. If you’re simply looking for remote IT support - to have someone on the end of the phone to answer your queries - you’ll get no-nonsense technicians. If you need to manage cases with an online portal especially designed for you, it’s all waiting to be yours. 

We provide different levels of support for our clients in order to accommodate their individual needs and can combine a range of services that will seamlessly merge into your current IT systems.

To find out more about our IT support services in Hampshire, speak to our helpful team today.


Discover How Our Software Development In Hampshire Can Help Your Business - 4th September 2017

Every business in the world wants to improve its productivity or the way it works each day. It’s one of the most important things to consider as a company, and finding solutions to it can be difficult. At Net Technical Solutions, we provide software development in Hampshire to befit your requirements.

Guiding you step-by-step through the process, our team of expert software developers understand how to create something that will not only streamline your work processes, but allow them to prosper. This is done in a variety of ways, such as these three vital ways our software development in Hampshire can help you:

  1. Database solutions: Vast in size and confusion, your data is constantly changing and evolving each day. Make sure you can stay agile to any alterations in your industry by allowing us to craft a database application for your business.
  2. Mobile applications to make life easier: You can access so much from your mobile, and our team can allow you to change your business processes or respond to clients quickly with the creation of a bespoke mobile application.
  3. System integration: Merging two or more systems into one fully operational juggernaut ready to take on anything your business throws at it is our goal when it comes to our system integration development.

If you’d like to find out more about our software development and the perks of it for your business in Hampshire, speak to our team today.


The Ultimate IT Support For Your Business In Surrey - 21st August 2017

Whether you’re suffering from a slow internet connection, you’ve accidentally deleted some files or you’re worried about spyware, Net Technical Solutions can instantly solve even the trickiest IT dilemmas which affect your business and slow down your productivity.

Our job is to provide exceptional IT support that is tailored to the needs of your business in Surrey, providing a one-stop shop for any technical issues.

We work with clients from a wide range of sectors, including marketing and advertising, education, security services, manufacturing & engineering, accounting & finance, and HR/recruitment. For many businesses, we offer a completely outsourced IT department which includes a proactive service and full computer support.

Conversely, some clients use Net Technical Solutions purely for bespoke software development, but our most commonly used services are IT support for businesses in Surrey and the rest of the South East.

We typically provide IT support that ranges from 15-150 users and 1-5 servers, covering 1-5 locations and 10-50 mobile devices. Many clients have used our service for many years now and have testified to the high levels of customer service that our dedicated team can offer.

We understand that you have many IT companies to choose from and are always happy to provide you with more detailed information.

For more information, simply download our FREE buyer’s guide to IT support.


Dedicated IT Support Services in Surrey - 14th August 2017

If you wish to benefit from proactive and highly professional IT support in Surrey, look no further than Net Technical Solutions for a company that can cover all your needs.

With a highly skilled and friendly, professional team, Net Technical Solutions supports a wide range of companies in Surrey in managing and maintaining their IT infrastructure. 

We not only provide exceptional support but help companies use the latest technology to their advantage, whether it’s providing tips for using Microsoft Word or navigating the minefield of business emails.

Why choose our IT services and support in Surrey?

When it comes to IT support, we understand that no two companies are the same. Our team always listen closely to your requirements and offer impartial advice to help develop your IT systems.

From IT support for the server and core network infrastructure to improving your connectivity, backup, Wi-fi, anti-virus and spam filtering, we cover all aspects of your IT infrastructure.

Our bespoke packages include a dedicated hotline number, instant access to a service desk and a friendly, straight-talking technical team, so you always have support available when you need it.

Find out more about our IT support services in Surrey.

Or contact us today on +441252235235


Complete IT Support In Farnham - 31st August 2017

No matter the nature of your business, it’s likely you rely heavily on your IT system. And when something goes wrong, it can slow down your productivity and cost you serious time and money.

At Net Technical Solutions, we specialise in delivering professional and proactive IT support to clients in Farnham and the surrounding locations.

Providing IT support for the server and core network infrastructure as well as for core users, Net Technical Solutions understand that no two organisations are the same. That’s why we provide a wide variety of IT support services that includes improving your connectivity, backup, WiFi, anti-virus, spam filtering, Office 365 and VoIP telephony.

Providing a complete package to support your business, Net Technical Solutions are reliable and trustworthy and have the experience and skills to support any IT department. From servers to workstations to notebooks through to firewalls, Net Technical Solutions can provide support for a range of technologies and projects.

Our IT support for businesses in Farnham includes a dedicated hotline, instant access to a service desk, a friendly straight-talking tea, 24-hour server and network monitoring, first class case management and much more.

Why not find out more about our IT support today?


Friendly and Proactive IT Support in Farnham - 17th July 2017

Are you looking for reliable, proactive and friendly IT support in Farnham?

When running any business, it goes without saying time is money. With clients and customers to serve or shareholders to satisfy, the last thing you want is your IT infrastructure failing.

When looking for IT support, you want any issues resolved quickly and efficiently, with the least chance of them cropping up again.

Net Technical Solutions offers a positive approach to technology and infrastructure management. We don’t just fix problems with your IT system but prevent them happening in the first place.  In short, we worry about the technology, so you can focus on your business.

We deliver full IT support for companies in Farnham and the surrounding locations.

Our tech support team listen closely to your unique needs, providing a friendly and supportive service at all times. At Net Technical Solutions we truly get to know our customers and take the time to familiarise ourselves with your setup and requirements.

Customers have praised our IT support for providing an ‘immediate response’, and for being ‘proactive and professional’ and ‘a pleasure to work with’.

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Looking for Friendly IT Services in Surrey? - 10th July 2017

If you’re searching for professional IT support and services in Surrey, look towards Net Technical Solutions for 24/7 support.

Our team will not only maintain and manage your network, providing IT support for your server and core network, but also can provide a variety of IT services and solutions, including support in improving your connectivity, backup, Wi-Fi, and anti-virus spam filtering.

Net Technical Solutions can ensure your IT system is always working at optimal levels, providing you with a full package that will take care of everything from your business broadband to the installation and safe disposal of your IT hardware.

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Based in Farnham, Surrey, our company can ensure your computer downtime is minimal, or better yet non-existent. Our friendly and passionate team have an immense amount of combined talent, with technical staff picked based on both their technical competency and customer service skills.

Established in 1999, our aim is to provide a one-stop solution for IT support, services and development, including a first-class account management team to support you every step of the way.

Many companies consider us a friendly partner to their business- whatever their IT requirements might be.

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Business IT Services in Farnham - 3rd July 2017

Most companies rely on their IT infrastructure much more than they used to, and when things go wrong it can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention costly. It’s estimated computer downtime costs the UK around £2 billion a year, according to Computer Weekly.

Computer down-time can also be extremely inconvenient for homeowners who work from home.

Do you need better IT services for your business in Farnham, Surrey?

Look towards Net Technical Solutions for affordable packages for your home or business, which are tailored to your unique needs. We can even support companies that have no IT resources at all, or those who need support for a specific type of technology.

Choose our business IT services and can benefit from a dedicated account manager, unlimited remote support, a dedicated support hotline and instant access to a service desk- to name just a few benefits.

With our highly experienced management team, consultants and engineers, Net Technical Solutions offer IT support services that can deal with any problem.

Net Technical Solutions provide a friendly, straight-talking technical team, so you’ll never be left hanging without support. If your business needs IT support in Farnham, why not find out more about Net Technical Solutions?

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