IT Support For Schools In Surrey - 16th April 2018

Every educational institution has a duty of care towards its pupils to ensure that they are safe when using computers at school. There are many dangers that present themselves online and the ease of access from standard internet providers rarely does enough to instil safety for pupils and peace of mind for parents and teachers. By working with Net Technical Solutions you will receive the most appropriate IT support for your school in Surrey.

On top of the safety element to your school’s IT systems, software and servers will be the need for a professional setup to provide a solid foundation for your school. Nowadays, every student’s learning experience includes the use of the internet and computer programmes. Therefore, it’s imperative that you maintain a reliable system within your school offering. To ensure you’re providing a worthwhile and quality experience for all your pupils, choose Net Technical Solutions.

We offer IT support for schools across Surrey and each package is bespoke to the specific needs of each institution. We aim to create a positive difference to your educational establishment and help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your school’s IT systems.

Whether you do this through our IT support when things go wrong or you need a team to setup a completely new series of computers or you’re just looking for some professional IT advice, you can rely on Net Technical Solutions.

If you’d like to find out more about our IT support for schools in Surrey, speak to us today.

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