IT Support For Surrey Universities - 12th November 2018

For every student and visitor that you have to your university’s library, computer room or study area, you will be expected to offer a range of services. Besides food and drinks to boost productivity, ensuring that your university area is friendly to each user’s needs is of paramount importance. Wi-Fi, computer systems, software and much more all combine to make your university’s communal spaces attractive and welcoming.

If your university building is not reaching its potential or you want to upgrade the experience that you provide, we have the capabilities to help you at Net Technical Solutions. We offer IT support for Surrey universities and colleges to help the development of your computer areas, and in turn improve the productivity of your premises.

What services can your university or college gain from Net Technical Solutions?

IT support from our team aims to help you maximise your potential and get the most out of your current IT Networks. There could be opportunities to upgrade each operating system in your library or to add anti-virus protection across your whole university, but that is only possible once you discuss the various options with our experts. 

From regular maintenance and servicing for your IT systems through to installations and emergency support, choose Net Technical Solutions. To find out more about our services, please speak with one of members of staff today.

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