Preparing Your Organisation For The Windows 2020 Deadline - 21st October 2019

14 January 2020. Two weeks into the New Year – and the new decade – will mark the end of support for a number of software packages including Windows 7 and its associated features. It will mean that many businesses and individuals will miss out on key updates – which help to keep users protected and their data secure.

If your school, college, university or business is still using Windows 7, it is vital that you find a team who can help to develop and upgrade your systems in preparation for the deadline.  Once the deadline is passed, you will be liable to security risks and viruses. No security updates, no technical support and no software updates will be available from Windows after the date. Our team at Net Technical Solutions are on hand to support you in your endeavour to stay ahead of these changes. The Windows 2020 problem will represent a big change for your business, but by planning ahead you can be ready for the deadline and upgrade to a superior operating system.

Why choose to upgrade and update your systems with us?

As a leading provider of IT support in Surrey and Hampshire, we have helped schools, colleges, universities and businesses with their software and operating system concerns. Microsoft Windows 7 is an almost universal system trusted by millions around the globe. The longevity and functionality of Windows 7 is a no-brainer, but your organisation’s safety and security could be at risk should you not seek the help of our experts.

To upgrade your systems or find out which software is affected and get ready for 2020, please speak with our team at Net Technical Solutions today.

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