What To Do As We Approach Windows 2008 Server End Of Life - 12th August 2019

Support for servers is something that often goes under the radar for businesses and schools. Updates are used to refresh security measures, ensure the server is working correctly and fix any bugs.

Once this support ends, however, problems can begin to stack up. As we approach the deadline for Windows 2008 Server end of life, in January 2020, you will need to prepare to migrate your servers or find yourself battling against rising security issues.

At Net Technical Solutions we have been helping businesses and schools to prepare for these changes for a number of years, but the Windows 2008 Server will be one that may catch out many.

How can our team at Net Technical Solutions help your business?

Our Windows server 2008 end of life support will give you the best chance to upgrade, innovate and migrate your servers and prepare for the changes in good time. Windows 2008 servers will officially cease to have support from 14 January 2020.

At this point you will need to have successfully migrated any server applications elsewhere. Our team at Net Technical Solutions is able to help you find the right solution to this situation.

We will ensure that you have a system installed with regular security updates, support and innovation. Fortunately, our inside out knowledge of servers, IT and networks places us perfectly to support you as Windows 2008 Server end of life approaches.

To discover more about our work and the support that we can offer you, please speak with our experts.

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