What To Do In Preparation For Windows 7 End of Support - 15th July 2019

Windows 7, the ground-breaking operating system, will no longer have support from early in 2020.

The operating system was the fastest selling in history, reaching 240million sales in its first year on the market. That translates into 7.6 copies of Windows 7 were bought every second.

At Net Technical Solutions we are on hand to prepare your company for this change as the end of support is cut off from January 14. Windows 7 End of Support will be a big change for companies using the system and throw up a range of issues should you not prepare in advance.

While Windows 7 was recognised as one of the best for anti-virus protection, it will become susceptible to hacks, cyberattacks and more come the second week of 2020 as updates cease.

How can we help you to prepare for the end of support for Windows 7?

The range of computers that you have across your business will need to be upgraded to ensure they remain safe and in working condition – protecting your data and assets effectively each day.

Fortunately, the combination of our IT expertise and our inside-out knowledge of Windows operating systems will allow us to recommend the best course of action.

It may be as simple as our IT experts upgrading your computers to Windows 10, but it may require more complicated methods should your computers not be up to the requirements needed for a full licence.

To get started and to secure the help and support you need before Windows 7 stops receiving feature and security updates, please speak with our team.

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