It’s time to leap into action with our spring IT Security Update!  Our security expert Jamie is urging you to act this quarter and ensure that all your staff receive cyber security training – so that your Surrey business avoids being caught out by a data breach created by human error.

Did you know that human error is the leading cause of cyber security breaches? Yes - your members of staff, not IT equipment/services, are the weakest links in your Surrey organisation.

In fact, researchers from Stanford University and a top cyber security organization found that approximately 88% of all data breaches are caused by an employee mistake. So, it appears that end users are very much the driving force behind a huge majority of cybersecurity issues. However, the answer to this huge IT security problem is simple. Cyber security training! Regular, aggressive, (perhaps a little strong) and focused training.

Although, whilst it feels like it should be such a simple thing for an organisation to achieve, apparently in practice it isn’t.

A random figure from the internet suggests that only 17% of UK organisations had training or awareness-raising sessions on cyber security in the last 12 months. Frightening, but if I had to place a wager on it, I’d suggest that the real figure for Surrey and our local town Farnham, is likely to be lower, not higher.

Why is this?

Why do businesses spend good money on various IT security solutions, but fail to address one of the main causes of all cyber incidents?  

Most successful attacks involve social engineering (Between 70-90% of the time). Social engineering is a cyberthreat actor targeting a user or users into revealing specific information or getting them to carry out specific actions for no good reasons. One of the most common forms of social engineering is phishing (when hackers attempt to trick end-users into doing the wrong thing on an email, such as download malware).

I assume the main factor as to why human error isn’t being addressed is cost followed by the time invested to train users. The question though, is can your business afford not to?

To find out the rest of the IT security advice that Jamie advises for training, which might just prompt you into taking action to put together a training session, please read the full article HERE and if you have any questions about your IT security needs or would like to take things a step further and have Net Technical deliver phishing awareness testing and training to your team, please contact your Account Manager or e-mail


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