How to keep your aging IT system at maximum health
on 23/01/2018 00:00:00

You’ve probably heard of the concept of ‘dog years’. For every human year, a dog ages 5 to 9 years (depending on the breed) which means that dogs age faster than we do.

And it’s exactly the same with computers and your IT setup.

Technology moves really fast; faster than it’s ever done before. You only have to look to your mobile phone to see how quickly software ages and how slow and painful an old model can be compared to the latest device.

As software gets better and better it makes more demands on hardware which in turn needs more processing power to run. Add in the need to be constantly updating and patching software, and you can see why your IT setup will age quickly.

To help you understand this better, we have put together a guide which details the signs to look out for that show when your IT setup is getting too old and may need reviewing as well as what you can do to prevent these problems from affecting your business.

As a local IT Support and Services provider, we have years of experience in supporting and maintaining business IT networks for a wide variety of SMEs across Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. Our customers come from a range of sectors and sizes and we tailor our IT support to match your exact needs, ensuring that you have the right, up-to-date IT systems in place to keep your business operating efficiently and effectively at all times.

We would be very happy to visit you and conduct a full strategic review of your IT setup at any point. Please drop us a line at or call our commercial team on 01252 235255 and we will be happy to set up a meeting.

There’s no commitment to buy anything, ever. But at least you’ll have an insight into where you are, what’s working well, and what needs attention.

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