Backup, DR and Business Continuity
on 25/03/2019 00:00:00

Backing up your critical data is one of THE most important tasks that any business should be doing to protect against loss of data through hardware failure, human error or the rising threat of cybercrime.

But for many companies that deal with large amounts of data, simply having a backup in place is not enough. How quickly and fully you can recover from a data loss is equally important, and also how your business can continue to operate in the meantime.

There are many traditional backup solutions to choose from such as Tape Drive, Hard Drive, NAS, Cloud or a combination of these, all of which are currently supported and recommended by Net Technical Solutions as the situation requires. When combined with other products such as Veeam, Azure and DFS replication it is possible to mesh together a full Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) plan, which many of our customers have in place.

But what if you could have ALL of that in ONE simple solution? Well now you can.

Net Technical has teamed up with Datto to provide customers with a fully featured platform for backup, recovery, and business continuity for local, virtual, and Cloud environments. Quite simply it PROTECTS ANYTHING, RUNS ANYWHERE and RESTORES ANYTIME.


In its simplest form, Datto is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device which sits on your Internal IT network and uses ‘snapshots’ to back up everything contained on your Physical or Virtual servers. As with any straightforward backup solution, if a file or folder should be lost or overwritten it can be quickly and easily restored from the NAS box. The Datto device also syncs to the Datto Cloud, so if for any reason the local data is compromised, it can be securely restored from the Cloud backup from any given point in time.



Not only does Datto take a backup of all file data but it also takes a snapshot of the Server Operating System and System State. This means that in the event of a more serious loss of data the entire server, data and all, can be quickly and easily restored onto new hardware or a new Virtual Machine.


This is extremely useful in the event of a hardware failure or localised disaster such as fire or flood, and is also ideal for mitigating against cybercrime, in particular ransomware attacks. The only way to effectively resolve a ransomware attack is to roll back the affected systems to make it as if it never happened and the Datto service provides ‘Point in Time’ rollback which is designed to recover from just these scenarios.


And if all of that wasn’t enough, here’s the really clever part.

The Datto box is far more than a simple NAS box. These are high performance hardware appliances sized to suit your usage and built by Datto in their own manufacturing facilities to exacting standards. They contain Intel Xeon multi-core processors, multiple 10Gig Ethernet interfaces, as much DDR4 RAM memory as required, and storage ranging from 500GB to 60TB. This means the box has enough power and performance so that in the event of a localised unavailability of any Physical or Virtual Machine, the server can be ‘spun up’ on this box in an instant, cutting any potential downtime to virtually zero.


 Additionally, as all of this is also securely synchronised to the Datto Cloud, in a situation where even the local Datto box is unavailable, any Physical or Virtual Server can be ‘spun up’ in the Cloud instead, allowing users to continue working unhindered.

So how much does all of this functionality cost?

There is an initial one-off charge for supply and installation of the Datto device, depending on how much storage you require, and this hardware cost is discounted depending on the length of service contract, either 1, 3 or 5 years. There is also a monthly service fee, which varies depending on how long you wish to keep rollback snapshots for, either 1 year or infinitely. Of course, these costs can be offset by ceasing all other backup methods you may be employing which are attracting either monthly or annual fees.

If you would like to explore this further, your Net Technical Account Manager will help to complete a ‘sizing’ form which will allow us to determine which solution would be best for your business, and how much it would cost.

Please call or email your Account Manager if you would like any further information.

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