Cyber Essentials & GDPR

how we can help you TO become compliant.


On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force and will affect all companies worldwide that process and store personal data. Personal data can be anything from a person’s name or email address through to their postal address, ethnicity or date of birth. Failure to become compliant will lead to hefty fines and so it is essential to be prepared.

From an IT perspective, we believe that the best way to get ready for the GDPR is to gain accreditation through the UK government-backed Cyber Essentials security certification scheme. The Cyber Essentials scheme was launched in 2014 and sets out a good baseline of cyber-security, suitable for all organisations in all sectors. The scheme was created in response to the growing number of cyber threats to UK business and addresses five key controls that, when implemented correctly, can prevent the vast majority of cyber-attacks.

With Cyber Essentials you can focus on your core business objectives, knowing that your data is protected from most common cyber-attacks. You will also be able to drive business efficiency, save money and improve productivity by streamlining processes. The two main Accreditation Bodies for Cyber Essentials are CREST and IASME and the latter has an enhanced assessment which includes an additional set of questions aimed at GDPR compliance. Therefore by achieving the Cyber Essentials certification through IASME, not only will you be helping to protect your business but also you will be addressing most if not all of the many compliance requirements needed for the GDPR. 

Net Technical Solutions has partnered with Information security specialists ThinkMarble, an approved assessor and certification body for Cyber Essentials, enabling us to help your business adopt and be compliant with Cyber Essentials in a straightforward, efficient and cost-effective way.


To gain compliance, Think Marble are offering a Guided Self-Assessment package, where one of their compliance team will visit your premises to guide you through the online form and approval process. They will then continue to work with you throughout the process offering advice and guidance. We believe that this is the simplest and most time-efficient way to complete the complex and lengthy form and you will also benefit from the expert friendly help and advice given to you.

The service will cover the following:

  1. Initial licence fee worth £300.00 (this will need to be renewed annually)
  2. Up to half a day on site with one of Think Marble’s Cyber Essentials experts, assisting with completing the questionnaire
  3. As much subsequent remote contact with Think Marble as is required to complete the process
  4. A full Cyber Essentials Audit Report identifying areas for improvement and recommended actions to take in order to gain compliance.

 At the end of the process, even if you do nothing further, you will have gained an official certification and can prove to the ICO at any stage that you have taken the necessary steps towards GDPR compliancy.

If you would like any further information on how Net Technical Solutions can help your company progress towards compliance with GDPR or Cyber Essentials, please contact your Account Manager on 01252 235 235 or any of the sales team on today.