The Safe Way To Send Sensitive Emails

Email Message Encryption

Since organisations increasingly choose email as their main form of communication, protecting this critical data from the rising threat of cyber-attacks has become even more important. Certain situations demand additional security, especially where sensitive information is being enclosed, such as emailing banking and credit card statements; contract details; insurance forms and confidential private or legal information.

Data-sensitive emails can be protected through the use of secure email encryption and there are many such services available. For Microsoft Office 365 users we recommend the 365 Message Encryption service, which facilitates the sending of encrypted emails to people both inside and outside of your organisation, as and when needed. It is straight forward to set up and use and no matter what the destination is - Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Squirrel Mail, sensitive business communications can be sent confidentially, and with an additional level of protection against unauthorized access. 

Office 365 Message Encryption includes security mechanisms on the recipient's end which aims to protect the sender from the many threats around. If the email recipient is also using Outlook,, Outlook Mobile or Windows Mail then the de-encryption process takes place from entirely within the email client. If the recipient is using any other email client, they will be directed to a trusted Office 365 web page to receive a one-time passcode which then un-encrypts the message. Additionally, recipients can be prevented from forwarding or copying emails sent from by a feature that encrypts messages even after downloading.

Through Office 365 Message Encryption you can protect sensitive emails and help reduce the risk of unintended disclosure:

  • Send encrypted and rights protected messages to people inside and outside your organization with Do Not Forward or custom Rights Management Services templates to enable B2B and B2C scenarios.
  • Send encrypted email messages to anyone, regardless of their email address.
  • Provide strong, automated encryption with a cost-effective infrastructure.
  • Eliminate the need for certificates and use a recipient’s email address as the public key.
  • Communicate through a Transport Layer Security-enabled network to further enhance message security.
  • Enhance the security of email responses by encrypting each message in the thread.

The software also allows you to control sensitive data with flexible policies or ad- hoc customer controls that are built into Office 365, as well as meeting compliance needs more easily.

To add Office 365 Message Encryption to your Microsoft Office package or to request further information, please contact your Net Technical Account Manager on 01252 235 235 or email

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