Email Red Flags  - How to spot a dangerous email.

Email Red Flags - How to spot a dangerous email

Don’t click on that message!

Phishing is one of the most popular and easiest forms of cyber-attack for a criminal to carry out and is usually executed via email – although the scam has now spread to social media, messaging services and apps - making it a huge area of vulnerability for businesses, and with potentially disastrous consequences.

A basic e-mail borne phishing attack tries to trick the recipient into doing what the scammer wants which may include handing over passwords, bank details or other personal information. This means that everyone working for a company is vulnerable and needs to be aware of the dangers that a seemingly innocent email can hold.

But how do you spot a potentially dangerous email?

What are the red flags?

This latest info-graphic (courtesy of KnowBe4) lets you see in an instance what to look out for and everything you need to avoid to being caught out.  This is definitely one to share with colleagues and staff, either by sharing the link directly or by clicking on any of the 'sharing options' below.

Did you know that Net Technical Solutions can provide Phishing Awareness Testing as a monthly service?

For a small monthly fee per user we will send a series of phishing emails to all users and inform you of the results, either as an overview or as a more granular report. We can then work with you to send training and educational material to either the whole team or targeted individuals which will help your workforce to become more aware of the types of phishing attack and the risks associated with clicking on bad links, opening spurious attachments or handing over sensitive information.

For more details please contact your Account Manager directly, email or call our main line on 01252 235235



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