Vast majority of Surrey businesses could fall foul of GDPR laws after 25th May.
on 03/05/2018 00:00:00

Net Technical Solutions a Farnham IT Support company is warning businesses in Surrey and Hampshire to check that they have their data protection and data security up-to-date before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018.

In just under a month’s time the biggest ever change in data protection laws takes place and according to Ben Stupples, Commercial Director at Net Technical Solutions, the vast majority of businesses in the local area are still unprepared.

“Companies have had four years to prepare but most have left it to the last minute – and for some, that could come back to haunt them,” Ben said.

There are still plenty of businesses round here that don’t even know the change is happening and for those that are aware, most have not yet done anything to prepare. Recent Government statistics suggest that only 38% of businesses have heard of GDPR and of those, little more than a quarter had made any changes in preparation.

Sectors like financial services and education are used to the burden of compliance and are typically well ahead of the curve, however many others are simply not ready. It is now late in the day, but GDPR has to be addressed at some point if companies want to avoid large fines and reputational damage. The authorities know compliance is an ongoing process, and want to see organisations showing willingness to comply.”

GDPR will give people more control over what personal data (Personally Identifiable Information, PII) and information companies hold about them. Companies must also take more responsibility for data and report any loss of data or data hacks within 72 hours.

Ben Stupples added: “Different businesses are affected in different ways. The most obvious risk to most is having data lost or stolen.

It’s not too late to get started on meeting the challenges of GDPR. We recommend all businesses have their network scanned for vulnerabilities on a regular basis, install an up-to-date firewall, and be 100% sure their off-site data backup system is working properly every day.”

Ben has recently written a Data Security Guide to GDPR and Cyber Security which can be ordered for free from our home page.

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