IT Security News Quarterly Update - Summer 2021

Welcome to our Summer IT Security Update! Have you noticed just how much of our tech news is taken up with reports on cybercrime - its ongoing rise and disruptive effects on organisations? But how does a cyberattack actually happen? Using innovative videos, Jamie reveals 3 ways that hackers can break into your computers and shows you what it looks like on each side – from both the hacker’s, and the victim’s perspective.


Behind the hack: This is how easily your business can be hacked

One of the greatest risks to your business these days is cybercrime, with hackers trying to break into your IT systems and steal your company information. Businesses are being targeted all the time, no matter their size. Hackers want to get their hands on your data, your logins - or worse, hold your data (and company) to ransom.

But how do they do this? The following videos show a certified ethical hacker breaking into three computers using different types of attack. They are filmed from both ends – as the hacker, and what was happening on his victims’ machines.

What you’re about to see is rarely captured on video…

In this first attack, our ethical hacker drops a malicious e-mail to the inbox. When the link is clicked it shows you how easy it is for them to send instructions back to the PC or laptop, which in this example was a ransomware attack.


In this second attack, our ethical hacker uses a fake login portal to get the victim to give away their login details. By clicking on the link and entering their username and password on the fake login page, their credentials are stolen and sent to the hacker.


And in this final cyberattack, our hacker reveals why it’s so important to always keep your software and operating systems fully-up-to-date. With missing patches, hackers can exploit machines and depending on the severity of the missing patch, if the machine has internet access they can connect directly to do some damage.


These videos frightened me… because we see the consequences of these cyber-attacks every day.

They really do show how easy it is for a determined hacker to get into your IT systems and steal your valuable information. So it's essential that your business has the right blend of IT security software, staff training and processes in place to protect both your technology and data. If you're in any doubt and would like some advice or further information about any of this, then please get in touch with me at

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