4 Key Benefits of Outsourcing to an IT Support Provider over In-House
on 31/08/2016 00:00:00

Having an in-house IT support capability does allow businesses to plan and implement their own way of progressing towards their goals. With the right team to run internal operations on site and continued training, IT problems can usually be resolved quickly and effectively. However, in-house support does come with its disadvantages and there are many reasons why a small to medium sized business may better benefit by outsourcing their IT support to a professional IT support company.

Here are 4 of the key advantages of using an IT company to keep operations running smoothly at all times:

Receive support from the experts with a strong track record

An outsourced IT team will be experienced and skilled with the necessary qualifications in a wide range of areas. Therefore you’ll always find someone to help staff with issues no matter the requirement. Relying on only one or two experienced in-house engineers may not cover you fully in terms of knowledge and dealing most effectively with problems.

For any projects, a good IT solutions provider will likely have a lot of experience dealing with different types of organisations and will have the knowledge to transform businesses depending on their particular needs.

A more cost-effective solution

Salaries for staff and ongoing IT support training will be a big cost, especially since technology is a rapidly evolving area. Outsourcing IT support can be a much more viable option for small to medium businesses in particular, and pricing can be very flexible depending on your situation and support needs.

A reliable, consistent service

Even if members of the outsourced support team are off work, they’ll always be someone to cover and ensure you’re receiving the right support.

This may not be the case for an internal team if there are only a few members — sickness and holiday could become a problem.

Giving you time to get on with business

Many companies rely on the most knowledgeable member of staff to fix IT issues without a background in IT. This consumes the staff member’s time and stalls productivity in the business. Ultimately, having a reliable IT support company on hand will give the people in your business time to focus on the more important aspects in running and growing it.

Using an outsourced provider over in-house support also helps to minimise downtime when issues occur and guarantees that problems will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Your provider will set out their service level agreement (SLA) in your support contract, setting out response times which must be met.

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