SpamTitan email filtering now upgraded to include sandboxing.

Due to the sophisticated nature of advanced persistent threats via email, our SpamTitan email filtering service has now been significantly upgraded to include ‘sandboxing, powered by Bitdefender, along with additional ‘anti-spoofing’ layers.

Net Technical Solutions is offering this additional functionality FREE OF CHARGE to all existing SpamTitan users and prospective customers alike, as we believe it will offer significant security benefits.

SpamTitan sandboxing protects against breaches and data loss from zero-day threats and sophisticated email attacks by providing a robust isolated environment to run in-depth, analysis of unknown or suspicious programs and files. This advanced email security layer will provide protection against malware, spear-phishing and advanced persistent threats (APTs), offering insight into new threats and helping mitigate risks.

A powerful next generation security solution, SpamTitan sandboxing achieves the highest detection rates due to its global threat intelligence gathered from the 500 million endpoints it helps to protect. The service is packed with award-winning machine learning and behavioural analysis technologies which analyse suspicious files in depth, safely detonates payloads in a contained virtual environment, analyses their behaviour and reports malicious intent. The SpamTitan sandbox service acts as a real target environment for potentially malicious files, where everything is carefully crafted so a potential threat acts as it would in the wild, making it an effective tool against targeted malware attacks and malware infiltration.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides advanced threat protection and zero-day exploit detection
  • Utilises global cloud intelligence to detect malware
  • Leverages purpose-built, advanced machine learning algorithms, aggressive behaviour analysis, anti-evasion techniques and memory snapshot comparison to detect threats
  • Analyses a broad range of targets ( including documents and application files)
  • Helps uncover malicious files including polymorphic and other threats designed for undetectable targeted attacks
  • Detects advanced attacks early and prevents breaches, reducing incident response costs and efforts
  • Greatly increases the detection rate of elusive threats in the pre-execution stage, including APTs, targeted attacks, evasion techniques, obfuscated malware, custom malware, ransomware
  • Provides a complete solution for quickly integrating advanced emulation-based malware analysis
  • Ensures continuous protection and maximum performance against rapidly evolving advanced threats

How the service works



SpamTitan Sandboxing will be automatically activated on all endpoints from 1st May 2019 onwards. This will be a seamless process and users will not experience any adverse change to the service.

If you have any further questions please contact your Net Technical Solutions Account Manager by their DDI or via email at

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