Make sure you close the door to hackers
on 15/03/2018 00:00:00

*A new security vulnerability is identified every 90 minutes, and 8000 each year.

*There are an average of 7 vulnerabilities per asset across a typical IT environment.

*It takes an average of 103 days until known security vulnerabilities are remediated.

*It takes an average of just 15 days for a new vulnerability to be exploited.


Frightening statistics!

Cyber threats are very real and exploited vulnerabilities are still the root cause of most IT security breaches.

Whilst installing anti-virus/malware software is an essential part of your overall IT Security strategy, you can no longer exclusively rely on this for protection because many of today’s most sophisticated attacks are able to dodge these applications.

The complexities surrounding today’s computers and networks require regular “vulnerability” scanning and remediation to detect and defend against the evolving threats from hackers who use ‘holes’ in these systems to create a potentially devastating effect on your business. Constant changes to devices, configurations, applications and even new patches can leave your business susceptible to an attack, even if you are keeping your security controls up to date.

We therefore recommend that you routinely perform vulnerability scans of all connected devices and correct where necessary to give you the best chance of mitigating an almost inevitable attack.

As part of our IT Security offering, we recommend ATLAS: a Vulnerability Assessment Scanning solution from Think Marble which technically inspects your computers or IT network to identify security holes (or vulnerabilities) that an attacker may exploit to cause a major disruption to your business or steal sensitive information.  ATLAS: Vulnerability Assessment Scan works by detecting and classifying these weaknesses allowing early remediation.


You can’t fix what you don’t know about so if your computers and networks have “vulnerabilities” you are making the job of a malicious hacker much easier who may use these weaknesses to steal sensitive information or cause major disruption to your business. Many of these security holes are an open door for hackers but can be easily mitigated with detailed automated reports and comprehensive, easy to follow, remediation documentation assistance from ATLAS:


ATLAS: Vulnerability Assessment Scans are simple to operate and fully automated so you don’t need any technical knowledge to start the process. All detected weaknesses are available to view on the highly secure user-friendly portal along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to remediate any issues found which can be passed onto us to be completed.


Vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered in old and new systems (even after new patches have been applied from vendors) so it is imperative that you remain just as continuously vigilant as the hackers remain continuously determined to cause disruption to your business. ATLAS: is routinely updating and regularly scanning for the latest threats without requiring in-house research or additional training. This allows you to allocate your time and resources to other responsibilities and do more with a smaller team.


  • Regular Cyber Vulnerability Assessment of networks
  • Fully automated scanning process—no technical knowledge required
  • Easy to follow Vulnerability Reporting with a self-help portal with simple remediation instructions
  • Small & sleek appliance that simply plugs into your network
  • Identify insecure areas of your network
  • Continuously updated threat intelligence database
  • Identify hacker-exploitable weaknesses in your network


  • Significantly reduce information security risk, enhancing Partner and Client confidence
  • Thwart the latest sophisticated threats that outdated detection systems may miss
  • No need to recruit and train expensive in-house Cyber Security professionals
  • No large Capital Expenditure upfront costs
  • Comprehensive audit trail to assist in compliance of standards
  • Help unlock budget through business case justification

As part of your organisation’s IT Security solution, we can deploy and manage ATLAS: on your IT network. There is an initial setup and deployment fee of £500 along with a small ongoing monthly charge to cover management and reporting. For further information, please contact your Net Technical Account Manager on 01252 235 235 who will be happy to advise you.

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