Saying goodbye? What to do when an employee leaves your organisation
on 13/02/2023 00:00:00

The beginning of a new year is always a busy time, often with new starters coming on board or perhaps a few members of staff moving on to pastures new. Your business probably has an established plan in place for when a person joins your team, including how to induct and set them up from an IT perspective but what happens when it’s time to say goodbye to someone? What steps do you take when an employee leaves your business?

There’s a card. There might be a cake and a few words. There could even be a few tears.

But then what?

However much you trust your employees, you need to prioritise your organisation’s data security and ensure that there’s a comprehensive protocol in place to sever any ties with them, not just from an HR point of view but an IT one too.

As soon as the person has left and returned any company hardware that they’ve been using, the departing employee’s name should be removed from all your business applications and systems that they previously had access to, including any remote access if they’ve been working from home, and their email account disabled. Otherwise, what’s to stop them going home, logging back in and helping themselves to your data? Or worse, if their account is left unattended for a time, what’s to stop a cybercriminal taking over its use without anyone noticing?

In some cases, you’ll want to shut down access before your employee has even left the building. Possibly even before they get back to their desk.

Remember, it’s never personal. It’s simply about protecting your company’s IT network and data.

We can help you to make sure your IT exit process is fit for purpose by creating a ‘Leavers Form’ customised for your business and taking you through all these essential steps. So that, even if an employee leaves your business quickly and without notice, you can work through the process swiftly and minimise any risk.

Just contact the Service Desk Team by raising a ticket through the portal and we will be happy to start the process off for you by booking and scheduling it in.

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