By SoundBytes Autumn 2020 on 19/11/2020

No one can ignore the important role Excel plays our daily work. However, both for beginners and advanced users, there are still many useful tips and tricks that are inevitably overlooked. Here are 10 useful Excel spreadsheet secrets you may not know.

By SoundBytes Autumn 2020 on 03/11/2020

For all the benefits that technology brings SMEs, there are some big challenges that need to be addressed too. IT system failures are perhaps the most important, as they can have huge effects – especially for smaller firms reliant on these systems for ‘business as usual’.

By Soundbytes Autumn 2020 on 29/10/2020

Communications regulator Ofcom has pledged to investigate why some people in rural communities are being charged hundreds of thousands of pounds to get faster broadband into their homes.

By SoundBytes Autumn 2020 on 29/10/2020

Apple has confirmed its latest devices will finally allow 5G, in what some say is a bid to prompt mass upgrades. The company had surprised some in the tech community by holding off on 5G connectivity for an uncharacteristically long time...