By Vikki Croxson on 15/09/2016

Minimizing the risk to company data from malicious attacks and threats is currently the hot topic in the IT industry and one Net Technical Solutions takes very seriously.

By Vikki Croxson on 31/08/2016

Having a reliable IT support company on hand will give the people in your business time to focus on the more important aspects in running and growing it.

By Vikki Croxson on 14/06/2016

Despite most of us knowing what constitutes a good, secure password, too few of us are actually applying this is knowledge when we create new accounts. Test your password safety here.

By Vikki Croxson on 26/04/2016

With email now accounting for 6.3 hours of the average worker’s day, journalist Kate Ashford has identified the ten biggest mistakes that business people make with their corporate accounts.

By Vikki Croxson on 26/04/2016

Following Part 1 of our Business Cloud Solutions Guide, This article looks at what you need to consider when migrating over and how to ensure successful execution.

By Vikki Croxson on 26/04/2016

Ransomware is still highly popular amongst cybercriminals, because users continue to fall into their not-so-carefully-crafted traps.