By SoundBytes Autumn 2023 on 16/11/2023

Microsoft has highlighted the way the @ symbol can be used in emails and meeting notifications, to really grab the attention of specific contacts.

By SoundBytes Autumn 2023 on 16/11/2023

Much advice has been proffered on how to keep business data, emails and other communications secure – amid growing threats from hackers and ‘bad actors’ intent on using personal information to their advantage.

By SoundBytes Summer 2023 on 17/08/2023

Operating systems are often vast, sprawling entities that make it near impossible to utilise (or indeed be aware of) every single feature and trick. What’s more, they’re updated iteratively, meaning it’s easy to miss a new feature if it comes in under the radar.

By SoundBytes 2023 on 10/08/2023

A LinkedIn user has made waves by showing how real-time data can be inserted into spreadsheets - and furthermore, just how easy it is.

By SoundBytes Spring 2023 on 02/05/2023

There are a huge array of tools, techniques and tricks that you may be unaware of in MS Teams, but which could help you make the most of MS Teams – or at least make your life easier and your time used more efficiently. Here are five that could come in handy.

By SoundBytes Winter 2023 on 01/03/2023

Digital diaries should mean it’s wonderfully straightforward to organise a meeting at a time and date that suits all parties. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way in practice. Luckily Outlook can make this easy for you - here's how.