By SoundBytes Autumn 2023 on 16/11/2023

Much advice has been proffered on how to keep business data, emails and other communications secure – amid growing threats from hackers and ‘bad actors’ intent on using personal information to their advantage.

By Jamie Williams on 17/10/2023

In our latest IT Security Update, (perfectly timed for Cyber Security Awareness Month!), Jamie looks at why encryption should be an essential part of your cybersecurity strategy to help protect your business and reputation.

By SoundBytes Summer 2023 on 10/08/2023

British users are reporting over 7 million suspicious emails to the authorities a year, around one every five seconds.

By Jamie Williams on 13/07/2023

Our summer IT Security Update calls on business owners to understand the risks their organisations are exposed to by cyberthreats, and the damage done in the event of a serious incident. Understanding and managing cyber risk is crucial to protecting your business and reputation.

By SoundBytes Spring 2023 on 02/05/2023

Most people are now aware that it’s not wise to use public, unsecured WiFi networks, as they give hackers almost a free pass to data and devices. However, it’s now been said that public charging spots could be an equally bad idea...

By Jamie Williams on 13/04/2023

It’s time to leap into action with our spring IT Security Update. Jamie is urging you to act this quarter and ensure that all your staff get cyber security training – so that your organisation avoids a data breach created by human error.