By Jamie Williams on 15/07/2021

How does a cyberattack actually happen? In our Summer IT Security Quarterly Update, using innovative videos, Jamie reveals 3 ways that hackers can break into your computers and shows you what it looks like on each side – from both the hacker’s, and the victim’s perspective.

By NTS Security on 22/06/2021

To help you understand how your business can be targeted by hackers and the different types of cyber threats most commonly used, we have put together an easy-to-read guide to the 9 most common types of malware in use today.

By SoundBytes Spring 2021 on 11/05/2021

Hackers have found a new way to put pressure on businesses that have been subject to a data breach – enlisting their own customers to call for a ransom to be paid. Tech news site Bleeping Computer discovered that one particular ransomware gang, Clop, has sent emails directly to customers, contacts and partners of its victims...

By Jamie Williams on 15/04/2021

Welcome to our Spring IT Security Update! Considering the Microsoft Exchange patch issues that have recently been in the tech news, in this quarter’s edition, Jamie thought that now would be the ideal time to look at patches in more detail, reminding you of their importance for your business data security.

By SoundBytes Winter 2021 on 04/02/2021

Companies around the world are becoming more well versed than ever before in the field of cyber security. High-profile data breaches, as well as the laws being introduced to protect customers, mean that organisations large and small have had to learn quickly and implement robust security practices of their own.

By Jamie Williams on 18/01/2021

To start off 2021, Jamie’s winter update looks at ex-employees and the threats they pose to the organisation they leave behind. He reminds you why it’s vitally important for your business to put a process in place to ensure that one of the most overlooked cyberthreats is contained as quickly as possible.