Microsoft has announced a raft of new features heading to Teams, as it looks to keep pace with fast-growing rival Zoom. The COVID-19 lockdown has driven more people than ever to use video conferencing...

By Soundbytes Winter 2020 on 19/02/2020

The iPhone 11 camera is so good it could change the way people take selfies. With the latest iPhone boasting a 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera, Apple has urged its users to take and share super slow-mo videos of themselves - dubbed, ‘slofies’.

By Soundbytes Winter 2020 on 12/02/2020

A revolutionary search engine has been responsible for millions of trees being planted across the globe. Ecosia is a free tool that pledges to “plant trees where they are needed the most”, simply from people searching the web.

Overworked Brits struggling with the ‘always-on’ culture could benefit from more tech, not less, according to Microsoft. They claim that offering employees more – or better curated – devices could actually help restore a positive work-life balance.

The FBI has come out with its strongest, most unambiguous warning to date, urging anyone targeted by ransomware not to pay up – regardless how tempting it may be....

To celebrate the anniversary of Google reaching 21 years in autumn this year, here are a few facts you might not know about the search giant.