By SoundBytes Winter 2022 on 03/02/2022

Each new year brings with it excitement for the new products or solutions on the horizon, and 2022 is no exception. There are some huge tech developments on their way over the coming 12 months, so here are five of the most exciting or disruptive....

By SoundBytes Winter 2022 on 03/02/2022

Hologram technology, the like seen in countless science fiction films and TV shows, could soon become more than a reality. A video went viral in recent weeks showing David Nussbaum, boss of US holograms firm Portl, showcasing the technology...

By SoundBytes Winter 2022 on 03/02/2022

The coronavirus pandemic may have seemed like the topic on everyone’s lips in 2021, but it wasn’t top of the pile when it came to Google searches. In fact, it appeared just once in the top 10...

By SoundBytes Autumn 2021 on 01/11/2021

Outages and downtime – the likes of which were seen recently on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram – may become a much more regular occurrence in future. This is the view of tech experts who believe the recent outages may not be the one-off event that many will have hoped.

By SoundBytes Autumn 2021 on 28/10/2021

To combat the 11,000 tonnes of waste generated every year by charging cables alone, the EU has pledged to force all tech manufacturers operating across the bloc to use a universal system – allowing consumers to re-use their existing cables.

By Vikki Croxson on 21/09/2021

Microsoft launched Windows 11 in October this year - its biggest release of a new operating system (OS) for six years. This latest platform comes with a whole host of new functionalities and performance improvements. Here we give you the latest lowdown on the main features and benefits of upgrading to Windows 11.