By SoundBytes Autumn 2022 on 03/11/2022

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the cloud-based Office suite will soon be no more, with all its applications soon to come under the Microsoft 365 banner.

By Jamie Williams on 18/10/2022

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and a great time to catch up on our Autumn IT Security Update. This quarter, with both business and personal security in the limelight, focus is on how using a Password Manager will save time and prevent you from inadvertently giving your data away for free.

By Ben Stupples on 22/09/2022

The PSTN Switch-off is happening, and it’s happening now. You may be aware that BT plans to decommission all analogue PSTN and ISDN lines in 2025 but the process has already begun. From September 2023, businesses will no longer be able to purchase new analogue or ISDN lines including ADSL and FTTC broadband services. To help prepare your organisation we have pulled together some key information you need to know.

By SoundBytes Summer 2022 on 11/08/2022

Microsoft Teams is now proving to be an enormously popular choice for business communications; its interoperability with the MS Office suite making it ideal. To ensure you’re using Teams to its full potential, here are 5 quick tips and tricks.

By SoundBytes Summer 2022 on 11/08/2022

Alphanumeric passwords have been seen as a poor security option for almost as long as they’ve been in widespread use. Now, the tech industry’s biggest players have come together to finally disrupt the market and try to kill off passwords for good.

By SoundBytes Summer 2022 on 11/08/2022

If you’ve ever thought that it’d be handy if your email inbox automatically categorised certain emails, generated a specific notification, or dropped them into a designated folder, rules could provide just what you need