By Ben Stupples on 16/03/2023

There are many benefits to be gained by switching your organisation’s broadband connectivity from ADSL or FTTC to SoGEA. With business costs rising, it’s rare to find a genuine opportunity to save money - plus help future-proof your IT and Voice connectivity. So, here’s the lowdown on the new SoGEA service and how it can benefit.

By SoundBytes Winter 2023 on 01/03/2023

Digital diaries should mean it’s wonderfully straightforward to organise a meeting at a time and date that suits all parties. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way in practice. Luckily Outlook can make this easy for you - here's how.

By Vikki Croxson on 13/02/2023

Your business probably has an established plan in place for when a person joins your team, including how to induct and set them up them up from an IT perspective but what happens when someone leaves? What steps do you take when an employee leaves your business?

By SoundBytes Winter 2023 on 13/02/2023

Can you guess the most searched-for words and phrases on Google from of the previous 12 months? The list is often an accurate reflection not just of world events but how people dealt with them or got their information.

By SoundBytes Winter 2023 on 13/02/2023

Microsoft has taken a major step in its bid to make Teams a ‘best-in-class experience’ for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, with the introduction of a new sign language feature.

By SoundBytes Winter 2023 on 13/02/2023

A brand new AI chatbot has been making headlines after impressing with its realistic responses to even rather advanced input. ChatGPT is the latest release from artificial intelligence firm OpenAI.