By SoundBytes Summer 2020 on 06/08/2020

Microsoft’s product line has become ubiquitous over the years, with businesses using it for a host of applications. However, it’s always worth conducting an objective appraisal before you opt for any one solution, even something as popular as Microsoft 365.

By SoundBytes Summer 2020 on 06/08/2020

Microsoft has finally moved the search bar in Outlook right to the top of the screen, after successful trials. Those in the Office Insiders Group have long known the search bar was to be moved, after seeing an early version where it appeared right at the top of the page...

By SoundBytes Summer 2020 on 06/08/2020

With people around the world now using Zoom for business meetings, conference calls and social check-ins, take a look at our five tips to elevate your future meetings.

By SoundBytes Summer 2020 on 04/08/2020

Coronavirus may help drive the change to remote working that millions of people have been requesting for years, according to award-winning entrepreneur Jo Wimble-Groves. He told Sky News that the lockdown could drive fundamental change in how people live and work.

By Jamie Williams on 09/07/2020

In this quarter’s IT Security update, Jamie looks at the value of your business data. Data security is vital for any business as the data you hold is one of your most important assets. Having the appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to mitigate any data security risks is a priority, even more so whilst your staff continue to work flexibly or work from home.

Microsoft OneNote often makes the list of best note-taking applications and for a good reason. You can create text, voice, video notes and attach most files inside a note. But there are other features hidden beneath the surface.