By Soundbytes Spring 2019 on 02/05/2019

Businesses around the UK are more at risk of falling victim to cybercrime than ever before with one attack being reported every minute.

By Soundbytes Spring 2019 on 02/05/2019

Google is celebrating 15 years of Gmail by rolling out a brand-new feature and expanding the scope of another. April 1st marked 15 years since Google first released Gmail into the world.

On 12th March 1989, a scientist by the name of Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal on the World Wide Web...

By Ben Stupples on 25/04/2019

Our SpamTitan email filtering service has now been upgraded to include ‘sandboxing’ which helps protect against cyber-threats. We are offering this additional functionality FREE ...

By Jamie Williams on 11/04/2019

This quarter's IT Security update from our in-house cybersecurity expert, Jamie, looks at the more serious types of email scams currently being faced by businesses.

By Vikki Croxson on 28/03/2019

Net Technical Solutions is proud to be sponsoring two local charity events this year as part of our continued commitment to supporting our local community.