By SoundBytes Summer 2020 on 04/08/2020

Coronavirus may help drive the change to remote working that millions of people have been requesting for years, according to award-winning entrepreneur Jo Wimble-Groves. He told Sky News that the lockdown could drive fundamental change in how people live and work.

It’s not just pasta, rice and toilet roll that have been flying off the shelves of late, as tech sales have increased drastically – with Brits looking to equip their home offices with all the gear needed to work effectively during the lockdown.

If you want to get an insight into how people are dealing with the COVID-19 lockdown, you need look no further than the apps they’re downloading and sites they’re visiting...

Microsoft has announced a raft of new features heading to Teams, as it looks to keep pace with fast-growing rival Zoom. The COVID-19 lockdown has driven more people than ever to use video conferencing...

By Soundbytes Winter 2020 on 19/02/2020

The iPhone 11 camera is so good it could change the way people take selfies. With the latest iPhone boasting a 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera, Apple has urged its users to take and share super slow-mo videos of themselves - dubbed, ‘slofies’.

By Soundbytes Winter 2020 on 12/02/2020

A revolutionary search engine has been responsible for millions of trees being planted across the globe. Ecosia is a free tool that pledges to “plant trees where they are needed the most”, simply from people searching the web.