On 12th March 1989, a scientist by the name of Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal on the World Wide Web...

By Soundbytes Winter 2019 on 04/02/2019

Google has unveiled a new translation feature for Assistant that could help two people of different languages converse easily and effectively.

By Soundbytes Winter 2019 on 01/02/2019

A self-taught hacker from Surrey has been sentenced to 32 months in prison after masterminding a cyber attack that knocked the entire network in Liberia offline.

By Soundbytes Winter 2019 on 01/02/2019

Anyone starting 2019 with a promise to improve their work-life balance will find themselves helped in no small part by a Microsoft feature aimed at helping prevent burnout.

By Soundbytes Winter 2019 on 30/01/2019

It’s only just turned 2019 but with less than a year to go until 2020, and a potentially a big IT issue on the horizon, now’s the time to take action...

By Soundbytes Autumn 2018 on 13/11/2018

Women’s fashion retailer SHEIN has been forced to admit that hackers may have accessed 6.4 million customer passwords following a malware attack.