By Vikki Croxson on 13/03/2017

Improving your IT security is a key way to minimise ransomware attacks and fighting against them. This article looks at how you can put good security measures in place.

By Vikki Croxson on 14/02/2017

Stay one step ahead of the game with Microsoft Office Advance Threat Protection.

By Vikki Croxson on 03/02/2017

Developed by our in-house team, our new website provides a fresh look at Net Technical Solutions and what we have to offer.

By Vikki Croxson on 26/01/2017

The technology trends for 2017 will be dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber-crime, according to several industry sources.

By Vikki Croxson on 26/01/2017

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser right now with an estimated share of just under two-thirds of desktop users - depending on which report you read. But are you getting the most out of it?

By Vikki Croxson on 26/01/2017

If you’re deciding whether or not to renew your antivirus licence for 2017, some new figures published by the security specialists at AV-TEST may help make up your mind.