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Winter 2017

Cyber-Crime and Artificial Intelligence to Dominate 2017 Tech Trends

image The technology trends for 2017 will be dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber-crime, according to several industry sources. With the adoption of machine learning gathering pace, and the internet of things connecting our world, technologists predict the rapid development of intelligent devices and apps.
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Getting the most out of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser right now with an estimated share of just under two-thirds of desktop users - depending on which report you read. But are you getting the most out of it? Well, if you count yourself amongst the many Chrome users, this month’s tips and tricks article provides some useful ways to maximize your experience.
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5 new malware threats every second

If you’re deciding whether or not to renew your antivirus licence for 2017, some new figures published by the security specialists at AV-TEST may help make up your mind. The AV-TEST database counted 115,149,242 new malware programs during the first half of 2016, which equates to over 5 new threats per second.
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Office 365 is still the most secure option for SMEs

Despite the price increase which came into effect this month, Microsoft Office 365 remains the obvious choice for SME businesses when it comes to email and productivity software. With easy access and automatic updates, the user benefits are clear. But a range of other features ensure that Office 365 offers greater security than other systems too.
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It's time to say cheerio to Yahoo

In December 2016, Yahoo confirmed it had been the victim of the “largest consumer hack ever” when a staggering one billion user accounts were compromised in a single attack. This announcement saw the company beat its own world record for a breach affecting 500 million users in 2014. So can they still be trusted with your data?
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