Is BYOD putting your company at risk?

Staff bringing their own mobiles to work may be convenient but it can also put your company at risk…

You may well have heard the term BYOD which stands for Bring Your Own Device.

Many people use their own personal mobile, iPad, tablet or laptop to do company work whether it’s travelling to and from the office, whilst at work or at home. And that means that they have access to company data on devices that your company has very little or no control over.

Read our guide to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which highlights the 6 areas that you should be most concerned about and gives advice on what to do about them.

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How to keep aging IT Systems at maximum health

 You’ve probably heard of the concept of ‘dog years’. For every human year, a dog ages 5 to 9 years (depending on the breed) which means that dogs age faster than we do.

And it’s exactly the same with computers and your IT setup.

An aging IT system can mean a drain on your company's time and resources. Our guide helps you to understand the effect it might have and the signs to look out for that show when your IT setup is getting too old to be efficient and what you can do to prevent it from affecting your business. 

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General Brochure

If you would like to find out more about Net Technical Solutions and the services we offer, please download our general brochure.

Just like this website, our brochure aims to give you a clear overview of our core business areas - IT Support, IT Services and Software Development, as well as information on how we can work with you to provide your company with everything it needs to run and maintain an efficient and effective IT System.

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IT Security

IT Security forms a core part of our service provision and this brochure will give you a better understanding of what Net Technical Solutions can offer you.

It outlines our approach to how we can work proactively with you to lower your company’s risk and help safeguard your data and details our layered solution to your cyber security needs which will build up your IT defence and is tailored to meet your organisation's specific requirements and budget.

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