Database Applications

What is a database application and how can my business use it?

A database application is a computer software programme designed to collect, manage and distribute information efficiently. It allows designated users to create, retrieve, update and manage data, turning it into useful and meaningful business information that can be shared and reported. Databases also provide additional security and protection to your company information by restricting access to data based upon user names and passwords.

Our development team can create and build a customised database which will help you to organise your business information more effectively and house the data that you’ve collected. Whether you require a simple mailing list, a complex accounting system or an extensive customer management system, we will develop a bespoke web app that’s specific to your company’s needs and that maximises your company information.

Key Benefits:

  • Desktop, server or web-enabled systems.
  • Customisation of various tools.
  • Provision of essential information for reporting, forecasting and analysing.
  • Easily and frequently updated.
  • On-going reliable proven support.


Examples of database software applications that we have developed for other clients include: customer management systems; engineer scheduling system; time-keeping system; reporting system and a school's pupil database.

Mobile Applications

What are mobile apps for business?

We create and build bespoke mobile business software applications designed specifically to run on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Developed to help solve a business problem, make life easier or simplify a process, these web apps will allow staff to successfully conduct business in and out of the office, stay in contact whilst on the go and save time in getting work done.

Whether you need to constantly stay in contact with clients, display your product range effectively or replace a paper-based system to save time and resource, we will create a mobile business application that is specific to your requirements and helps to improve the productivity of your staff.  

Key Benefits:

  • Access work from anywhere or on-the-go: check status of projects, review/approve work.
  • Replace paper-based systems: improve productivity and save time.
  • Connect teams and staff: help prioritise and organise work.
  • Improve client relationships: always be in touch.


Examples of mobile software applications that we have developed for clients include: engineer reporting app; product apps; marketing app and an invoicing & expenses app.

Systems Integration

Often as company's evolve they built up a multitude of individual software systems which work in isolation from each other. This means that getting accurate data analysis can be difficult and time consuming and overall productivity could be lowered. However, there is a solution. By undergoing a systems Integration project.

What is Systems Integration?

Systems Integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and web apps physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole. It can help you to regain the collective benefit of all your web applications, creating a more productive and simplified working environment and improving the overall workflow of your company - in fact, it is essential if your aim is to succeed. 

Key Benefits:

  • Facilitates individual systems to work seamlessly together.
  • Creates faster, leaner and more productive working processes.
  • Integrates with existing systems and flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs and to grow as your business develops.
  • Gives easier access to relevant information by consolidating data from a number of sources.
  • Provides the capabilities to meet today’s challenges and the flexibility to take advantage of tomorrow’s trends.


We can make your life easier by developing a bespoke systems integration software application that allows your various systems to connect together seamlessly and talk to each other - turning minutes, hours or days’ worth of work into seconds.

Dynamic Websites

Why does my business need a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites use server programming capabilities to generate pages, making them easy to edit, update and include features such as news feeds; blogs; product listings; search functions and shopping portals. They are also responsively designed giving the visitor the best experience possible by automatically adapting and changing to fit the device they’re being viewed on, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or desktop monitor.

So if you are looking to engage with your visitors and make it easier for them to connect with you, our technical team can help you develop a dynamic website that not only fulfils your company’s online objectives but helps you stand out from the crowd. 

Key Benefits:

  • A more functional website focused on your business objectives and customers’ needs.
  • The ability for the website to be viewed on any device - mobiles, laptops or tablets.
  • Easy updating of content and regular design changes through a bespoke web based content management system.
  • More interesting, interactive visitor experience through dynamic content: users can interact with the content, share it or get served with personalized content based on their preferences.
  • The ability to work as a collaborative system for staff or users.
  • Improved SEO through more frequent updating of content which is favoured by search engines.


Dynamic Websites


By providing good quality responsive design built from scratch, we can turn your website into a highly functional, sales and marketing tool which will allow you to connect with customers, prospects and staff and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Examples of dynamic websites include: e-commerce; secure client portal; mobile friendly websites and customer booking systems.

Application Support

Not only do we offer bespoke web app development but we also offer end-to-end services to fully support staff on an on-going basis once the software application is in use.

Our support includes: 

  • Initial software training if required
  • On-going troubleshooting
  • Fault investigation and bug fixes
  • Advice for new/existing users

Remote support will be provided through our E-Business Solutions (EBS) service desk team for any situation where the software no longer provides usual services to users, for example the software stops working in any of its functions. The support team will aim to quickly diagnose and rectify the issue and ensure usage can return to normal.

Application Support


Each development project we undertake is unique. Therefore our team of experts will work with you to really understand your business needs and deliver a solution which can provide you with cost savings, improve staff productivity and increase the efficiency of your company.​

  1. We discuss

    By listening and asking questions we take the time to understand your business or organisation's needs, explore and establish your requirements before offering you the best solution.

  2. We propose

    We think through every aspect of how your software will work and what outcomes you expect before preparing a formal proposal which will set out how we work with you and what you can expect. It will also include a schedule of production along with costs, timings and terms of engagement.

  3. We plan

    This is the most collaborative part where we plan and define all the requirements with you, in detail, so that you are clear as to how the app will work, be used and what it will deliver.

  4. We design and develop

    Our in-house design team then get started on developing and building your software, focusing on the user experience. At this stage you will be kept updated of key milestones and you will be able to track you project on a weekly basis.

  5. We test and deliver

    Once built, your software solution is rigorously tested both before it goes live and with end users so that it fulfils all your requirements and your users are happy with every aspect.

  6. We train and support

    If required, we offer formal training to all your users and on-going support.


Providing you with an honest and transparent service is of the upmost importance to us. At Net Technical Solutions we want to ensure that what you see is what you get so you can be confident that:

  • All Intellectual Property (IP) rights for your development software are yours. You won’t have to pay any ongoing licence fees and there are no hidden on-going charges.

  • We won’t make you reliant on us – all our apps are built in non-proprietary programmes that any other company could continue to develop and support if necessary.

  • We don’t outsource - all our work is delivered by our friendly, in-house team of experts.

  • We can either design an application from scratch or work with your existing systems to provide the perfect solution.

  • We will speak to you on a level that you understand – we won’t bombard you with tech speak or jargon.

  • You will have one single point of contact and we will keep you informed throughout your project.

  • We offer training and support once the application is in use.

Case Study

"Right from the start we knew that working with Net Technical would result in a product that exceeded our initial brief and expectations. 

They were really diligent at both the initial stage and throughout the development, ensuring that they were producing the right product for us. 

We have developed something truly bespoke that has gone way beyond what we thought anyone could do with the system."
Antony May, Business Systems Manager, Auditel Ltd.

Case Study

Founded in 1994, Auditel (UK) Ltd is a Business Cost Consultancy firm based in central Winchester. Through their 180 franchise, UKwide network, Auditel delivers Business Management solutions to organisations throughout the country, across almost all areas of business expenditure from utilities and stationery to telecoms and IT.

Having provided IT support services to Auditel for a number of years, including a full refresh of their IT infrastructure, we were then approached to update their intranet system. The existing system was used to exchange data within the network of affiliates but had no centralised system to provide tools for the affiliates to manage areas in their individual businesses such as prospects, sales opportunities, etc.

We developed the initial specification to provide a CMS to allow each individual affiliate to hold details of all their customers, leads, prospects and opportunities. It also allowed them to monitor each client to enable them to ensure that tasks were carried out in a timely manner. 

By showing Auditel real-life examples of similar work we had undertaken, it allowed them to visualise what the CMS would look like, whereas other developers they spoke to could only theorise. 

We delivered the CMS on time and within budget and the system has since evolved to meet the continuing demands of their business, offering a complete toolset to their affiliates. 

The inclusion of bulletin boards for exchange of information within the network, analysis tools to allow affiliates to provide cost analysis services to their clients and integration with 3rd party accounts software has made the CMS an integral part of Auditel’s business model both now and in the future.

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