Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing can mean different things to many people but is essentially the storing and accessing of data and programs over the Internet instead of locally on your company’s servers. It can provide shared processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand and has the potential to offer real benefits to companies. However cloud computing isn’t always appropriate and so deciding whether or not to use the Cloud for your business can be tricky.

We can guide you through the options available, make recommendations based on your company’s needs, and if appropriate design, build, configure and install cloud based solutions that will give your business real, tangible benefits.

You may simply wish us to manage and administer your domain/website, or host your emails in the Cloud via Microsoft 365 rather than using on premise Exchange. Perhaps you are a multi-site organisation who require a centrally managed and hosted server in a datacentre, or maybe you are looking for a Cloud based solution to your data backup, disaster recovery or business continuity?

In our News section we have various blogs on the products we supply such as Microsoft 365, Azure and Datto which will give you more information. Additionally, our Case Study page gives you an insight into some of the projects we work on for our clients. 

Whatever your requirements, as part of our IT services offering we aim to make the Cloud an accessible resource for your business.

IT Security

Good data protection and IT security keeps your business information safe as well as ensuring that you comply with relevant rules and legislation. As cyber threats to IT systems continue to grow year on year, we can work proactively with you to keep you ahead of the game, lower your company’s risk and help safeguard your data.

Ensuring that your IT systems are safe and secure from potential cyberthreats can quite often be a complex and daunting task, requiring technical knowledge and resources that your staff may not have. Additionally, the solution you choose may need customising for your business needs which can further complicate the installation process of any IT security solutions.

Our IT support and services team has a wealth of experience and knowledge and can advise and guide you through the process of selecting and installing the right IT security products for your business.

From firewalls, unified threat management (UTM), anti-virus and mail filtering solutions through to encryption, secure VPN, multi-factor authentication (MFA) data backup and malware scanning, we can help you to protect your data and keep your business running with the peace of mind that your IT security is in safe hands.


For a better understanding of our IT Security service provision and how we can support you, please visit our Resources Page for lots of helpful free guides and videos, or visit our Case Study page to give you an insight into some of the projects we work on for our clients. Alternatively, download our free IT SECURITY DATASHEET here.

This leaflet outlines how we can work proactively with you to lower your company’s risk and safeguard your data. It details our layered solution to your cyber security needs which will help to build up your IT defence and can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific requirements and budget.

Additionally, we have a quarterly IT Security News Update written by our in-house security expert Jamie, which we send out to clients on a regular basis. It gives lots of tips and information on how to keep your business IT secure, and all these useful updates can be found in our News section.


Making the correct choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) and choosing the right type of internet connection can be one of the most important decisions for your business. Get your connectivity wrong, and you could be in for a painful experience!

There is so much to consider such as download and upload speeds, contention, data usage, reliability, security and ultimately price, however, our team can support and guide you through the process, making the correct connectivity recommendations for your specific requirements.

We work with award-winning ISPs Zen Internet, Gamma Telecom and Virtual 1, each of whom offer something slightly different to suit the needs of our customers. Some customers may simply require a basic cost-effective FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) service with speeds up to 80Mbps, whilst heavier users may require FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) with speeds up to 330Mbps. Those requiring a dedicated internet connection may opt for a Leased Line with guaranteed, uncontended, synchronous speeds up to 10Gbps as well as superior up-time and SLAs.

Setup, migration, installation and ongoing connectivity management are all taken care of by our own IT services technical team and all of the billing is direct from Net Technical Solutions, so we will never leave you at the mercy of the ISP directly.

Why not check out our news article ‘Are you getting the most from your internet connection’, as well as our recent blog on the new SoGEA service and how it could benefit your business. 

VoIP Telephony

Blending our knowledge of both voice and data, as part of our IT services offering, we are able to provide business organisations with leading-edge bespoke VoIP telephony solutions, completely removing the need for a traditional phone system.

The Capital Expenditure normally associated with an on-premise phone system is replaced by a simple monthly bill from us which includes usage fees, handset rental and phone calls. No set up fees, no up-front costs and no minimum term commitment. Even multiple BT phone lines are a thing of the past as calls are routed via a single, dedicated, internet connection. And as the system is hosted in the Cloud, it can be securely accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, not just from your office.

This is true convergence - taking advantage of technologies and software that already exist as part of your IT network such as email, instant messaging, policies and security. Couple this with our powerful open-source software and you are able to link with pretty much any application you wish, to create a powerful, unique solution that is tailored to your business.

To read our latest blog on the PSTN switch-off and help prepare your company for the changes to come, click here.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business critical data is one of the most important challenges facing each and every business and it is essential that your company employs some form of backup on a regular basis to prevent the possible loss of data.

Our strong recommendation is that all companies keep a copy their data in at least two secure locations, inaccessible via the network, to prevent the spread of viruses and malware such as CryptoLocker.

For a full data backup you could opt for a simple rotation of removable hard drives or tapes taken off site each night or held in a fireproof safe, or instead use offsite server storage or even full data replication.

To compliment this, there should always be a cloud based solution in place for business critical data. Our simple, automated remote cloud backup software ensures that all of your critical file data, emails and databases are encrypted then safely and securely backed up offsite in our multi-location data centres, for a small monthly fee, depending on the amount of data being stored.

We are also able to provide backup solutions that blend all of these into one simple package, first backing up the data to a local device, then sending the data from the device to the Cloud, and even allowing you to access the data in the cloud in the event of a disaster.

To find out more information on some of the products we supply check out the articles in our News section which include blogs on Datto and Azure as well as other interesting reads. 

Case Study

"We felt confident they were the right company to take our project forward. They worked with us to develop a great solution that would satisfy all staff and throughout the process we felt totally supported by the excellent communication from all involved.

Net Tech were very enthusiastic, assigning a friendly Senior Engineer straight away, who was able to discuss all our questions in a non-techy way and made the whole process simple to understand. Also, having our Account Manager on board from the start made communication easy"

Dave Campey, Army Martial Arts & Squash

Case Study

The Army Sport Control Board (ASCB), formed in 1918, is based in Aldershot, Hampshire. It is the regulatory body for all sports played in the British Army and its mission is to ‘promote and deliver sport within the Army’.

The organisation has used Net Technical Solutions for IT Support since 2008.

Following an in-depth review, it was determined that the IT network at ASCB needed modernisation and to be secure and resilient by design. Access was becoming unreliable and inconsistent and file sharing amongst staff and sports teams was laborious. These aspects needed solving to make collaboration easier for both external and internal people.

The 55 strong team were used to a certain way of working, so any changes would need to be made with their full engagement and comprehensive training to bring them up to speed. The timing of the project was heavily influenced by the onset of remote working from March 2020 when the first lockdown took place.

All parties agreed that a cloud migration to Microsoft architecture was the appropriate strategy and that this would be a hybrid solution involving a partial migration to Office365, utilisation of SharePoint and Teams and day-to-day operations hosted on the Azure Cloud platform.

As well as benefiting from cost savings by not having to replace physical servers, ASCB has found that having a cloud-based system in place with SharePoint and Teams, provides a much more efficient and collaborative way of working. The cloud architecture has also allowed for better security and enhanced data recovery and business continuity solutions.

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