IT Support

Our IT support packages are tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers and will include some or all of the following offerings, depending on the level of support required:

  • Dedicated support hotline number - unique to your organisation.
  • Instant access to our Service Desk - no message takers or call handlers.
  • Friendly, straight-talking technical team - with no ‘techno geeks’.
  • 24/7 server and network monitoring - helps spot problems quickly.
  • First class case management - with an online portal for tracking updates.
  • Unlimited remote support - via telephone or remote access assistance.
  • Dedicated account manager - providing strategy, sales support and escalation.
  • Full liaison with 3rd party software - or service providers to help resolve issues.
  • Inclusive and unlimited attendance onsite - backed up with strict SLAs.
  • Regular scheduled onsite service - visits to suit your requirements.

Our Support Desk

Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring software provides essential insight into all aspects of your network connected devices such as servers, hypervisors, routers, switches and firewalls. This business IT support service is provided partly through our own bespoke network monitoring application and also through using Kaseya’s industry-leading IT management software.

Monitoring takes place in real-time and includes connectivity, bandwidth, disk space, RAM usage, CPU levels, anti-virus definitions, backup reporting and many other warnings and alerts. The information is projected onto a large screen beside our Service Desk so that our engineers can spot problems as soon as they occur. Additionally, many of the above will also include email alerting to ensure that the issue does not go unnoticed.

IT Suppor Network Monitoring

Server Installation

A typical server should last between 3 and 5 years before the software and hardware become out of date and it requires replacing. Often the determining factors will be those such as organisational growth, expanding requirements and increased data storage. However, you can never tell when your server may inexplicably decide to stop working and although most of the server projects we undertake are strategic, we also cater for emergency remedial installations when required.

Regardless of the reason, we follow the same ‘consult-design-install’ process on each occasion and all server solutions that we provide as part of our business IT support offering are designed to fit your company's particular needs. With a proven track record when it comes to designing and implementing IT network and infrastructure projects, we will find the right solution to fit both your technical and budget requirements.

We are proficient with all Microsoft technologies such as Windows Server, Exchange, Active Directory, Remote Desktop Services, SharePoint and SQL and when it comes to hardware we are not tied to any specific manufacturer.

IT Support Server Installation Net Technical Solutions

Networking Solutions

Whether you are installing a brand new network, expanding an existing setup or replacing old/faulty equipment, we can provide an array of IT solutions to meet your needs.

We supply and install network peripherals such as routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, UPS, NAS devices etc. to fit all requirements and budgets and although we are not tied to any specific vendors we work in close partnership with Fortinet, ZyXEL, HP, Ruckus, APC and many other industry leading brands.

As part of our business IT support services, we are also able to deliver full CAT5e and CAT6 network cabling projects including termination, trunking, patching and cabinet installation and can provide examples of our work if required.

Networking Solutions provided by Net Technical Solutions

PCs, Laptops & Tablets

All the PCs and workstations we provide are carefully matched to your fit your company's requirements and we make sure that we consult with you to find the right solution for your budget. Stock is purchased through UK distribution and is unpacked, updated, bench-tested and configured before being sent to your site for installation - an IT support service offering which we feel has big advantages over purchasing online or via the retail channel.

We are not tied to any specific manufacturers with regards to the supply of desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. However, we tend to recommend Lenovo, Fujitsu or HP PCs/Laptops due to their excellent build quality, performance and on-going support.

Additionally, for when quick installations are required, we hold a small stock-holding of standard specification desktop PCs and laptops at our offices which will typically have Intel Core-i3 processor, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, Windows 10 operating system and if needed, Microsoft Office 2016.


Case Study

“The whole project, which included moving onto Office 365, was carefully planned and executed with very little disruption to our business. I was concerned that there would be long periods of downtime so was delighted when we were able to continue working within about 45 minutes of switch-over."

Mark Staples, PPK Services

Case Study

PPK Services is a firm of hydraulic engineers specialising in cylinders, pumps and accumulators.  With a team of about 20 people, PPK relies heavily on their industry software to ensure the smooth running of the business.

To upgrade the company's server and move email from on-premise Exchange to Office 365 with absolute minimal disruption to the business.  Consultation between all parties, including the industry software provider, ensured all areas of consideration, compatibility, timing for the installation and transfer of all data took place in a completely managed way. 

The synchronisation of email completed successfully into 'the cloud', helped greatly by the fast fibre connection in place at PPK Services.  This process took place ahead of the server installation date.  The replacement server was built and thoroughly tested before being delivered to site to allow the transfer of data from the old server to the new over a weekend when the business was closed.  On the Monday morning engineers were onsite to check all clients were linked to their O365 email accounts and any access rights to the new server were accurate

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