6 Top Ways to Reduce Your Business’ IT Problems
on 20/09/2016 00:00:00

For most businesses their IT infrastructure plays a crucial role in their operational running and whole success, however, as a highly complex environment, problems can arise quickly. Your staff may experience simple email problems, frustrating authorisation and access issues, or even have hardware and key systems shut down on them. Since we heavily rely on fast-changing technologies at constant risk to external threats or failure, it’s important that companies take the steps to reduce their IT problems, to save themselves time and money.

Here are 6 of the ways companies can counter problems both big and small and help to maintain smooth operations:

Outsource your IT support

When it comes to your business, it may not be the best idea to leave the running of the IT to the one member of staff who is more clued up than the rest, even if it is cheaper. Outsourcing your IT support to a qualified, professional IT team will give you access to fast and effective support should problems occur. In addition, an IT support company on a remote, on-site or consultancy basis will be able to offer guidance on moving your IT forward as your business develops.

A data backup and disaster recovery solution is critical

Research has shown that a good percentage of those who suffer from data loss or a disaster lose their business within the first year. Keeping your crucial information backed up and protected from an unrecoverable loss will give you great peace of mind should your systems go down. Backing up your data to the Cloud means you can keep multiple versions stored securely and safely. Find out more about cloud services here.

Be careful where you house your valuable equipment

As part of your disaster recovery plan your on-site server should be kept in the most secure location, away from the risks of flooding or other physical dangers. It’s also advised to restrict employee access to the server, keeping it away from other electrical items which could interfere with its signal transfer.

Keep spares

Things easily go missing or break and it can be irritating when all you need is a working charger to power your laptop. Without spares you could risk losing valuable work, so keep an extra laptop, monitors, hard drives and other hardware in the office if you can afford to.

Don’t always leave things running

A lot of companies leave their computers and equipment running overnight, however as well as increasing energy costs it could wear it down quicker. Switching an appliance off may help to increase its lifespan and reduce maintenance issues by cutting the constant stress on the battery.

Get your staff up to speed with your IT

Training your staff so they can efficiently use and maintain equipment should be a priority as this can help to significantly reduce the problems they experience. Instead of relying on the one tech-savvy person in the office, train all staff in various areas to ensure you have that stability should people be away.


At Net Technical Solutions we provide comprehensive IT support for servers, workstations and macs through to firewalls, printers and smartphones and can work as a fully outsourced IT support department or as an extension of an existing in-house IT support team. To find out more about our services or to speak to us today about your requirements, please call 01252 235 235 or emailsales@ntsols.com