Detection is better than cure!
on 25/05/2017 00:00:00

One of the largest issues with email today is the problem of unsolicited email, also known as Spam or Junk mail. Whilst most of these messages are harmless and just unwanted or irrelevant, some can carry viruses and other forms of threats that pose a real risk to your business. This is because they allow harmful ‘nasties’ easy access to your staff computers, IT network and eventually your company data.

So aside from having your inboxes clogged up with unwanted messages and slowing down productivity, for security reasons keeping on top of your email is crucial.

Detection is better than cure
At Net Technical Solutions, we believe in a layered approach to addressing your company’s IT security by building up a strong defensive solution based on a 4 stage cycle: Prevention – Detection –Protection - Recovery.

As part of the ‘Detection’ stage, we can provide email filtering as a Cloud-based first line defence to help detect undesirable threats such as spam, phishing attacks, malware and viruses before they have even entered your network. Email filtering, or spam filtering, works by helping to keep unwanted emails out of your employees’ inboxes, therefore reducing the chance of staff clicking on dangerous links or attachments.

Filtering the good from the bad
For the majority of SMEs we recommend our MailCleaner service which offers cost-effective, professional protection as a Cloud-based, anti-spam gateway built for business and installed between your mail infrastructure and the Internet. It ensures that 99% of unwanted messages are blocked by analysing each message so that you only receive those that are clean and relevant. The software has a centralised console and is easy for administrators to use. As MailCleaner quarantines messages that are scanned positive for virus attachments, it also acts as an anti-malware gateway, working as an additional layer of protection alongside your traditional Anti-Virus software.

Key features include:
Filtering unsolicited messages
• Filtering any potentially harmful or dangerous email
• Managing any number of domains with independent configurations, policies and templates
• Clustering capabilities for large volumes
• Web-based user interface for quarantine and personal settings

For those who require more extensive mail filtering solutions, such as advanced threat protection, sandboxing and malicious link inspection, we have a variety of other products and services at our disposal.

MailCleaner costs £1.50 per user per month - a small price to pay to protect your business from the ever increasing rise of spam and threats from malware and viruses.

If you would like us to go add MailCleaner to your security portfolio or would like to talk to us about what other actions your business can take to address this issue, please give us a call on 01252 235 235 today or contact your Account Manager via DDI or email.