By SoundBytes Autumn 2023 on 16/11/2023

Microsoft has highlighted the way the @ symbol can be used in emails and meeting notifications, to really grab the attention of specific contacts.

By SoundBytes Autumn 2023 on 16/11/2023

What’s the difference between a Team and a Channel? It’s not the start of a dreadful joke, but a genuine question that has puzzled many users of MS Teams since it became the de facto business collaboration tool post-pandemic.

By SoundBytes Summer 2023 on 17/08/2023

Sending files as attachments may seem innocuous enough (or even the only option for file transfer via email), but there is another way that’s not only better for collaboration, but could be the greener choice, too.

By SoundBytes Spring 2023 on 02/05/2023

The technology behind artificial intelligence engine ChatGPT is headed to the Microsoft Office suite, bringing with it a ‘fundamental change’ to the way we work.

By Vikki Croxson on 13/02/2023

Your business probably has an established plan in place for when a person joins your team, including how to induct and set them up them up from an IT perspective but what happens when someone leaves? What steps do you take when an employee leaves your business?

By SoundBytes Winter 2023 on 13/02/2023

Microsoft has taken a major step in its bid to make Teams a ‘best-in-class experience’ for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, with the introduction of a new sign language feature.