By SoundBytes Autumn 2023 on 14/11/2023

Chip manufacturer Intel appears to have lived up to its name, with a company chief suggesting he’s aware of a top-secret Windows update coming next year.

By SoundBytes Summer 2023 on 17/08/2023

Sending files as attachments may seem innocuous enough (or even the only option for file transfer via email), but there is another way that’s not only better for collaboration, but could be the greener choice, too.

By SoundBytes Summer 2023 on 10/08/2023

Microsoft is continuing its drive to make Teams the most functional and fully-equipped communications tool on the market, as it prepares to launch a new way to collaborate on agendas.

By SoundBytes Spring 2023 on 02/05/2023

Microsoft has lifted the lid on its developments in the world of AI technology, to showcase not only its plans for the future but also the work it has already undertaken – for perhaps longer than most people realise.

By SoundBytes spring 2023 on 02/05/2023

A huge-scale warning system has been tested by the UK government, sounding an alarm on nearly all mobile devices across the country. ‘Emergency Alerts’ is a new government service designed to issue warnings quickly to large numbers of people.

By SoundBytes Winter 2023 on 13/02/2023

Can you guess the most searched-for words and phrases on Google from of the previous 12 months? The list is often an accurate reflection not just of world events but how people dealt with them or got their information.